The window is shut 'til January, so the only changes are at the top...

...who is the manager with the gun at his back and a chairman with an itchy trigger finger?

Arsene Wenger is the obvious choice of the tabloids. For years feted for his production line of young talented attacking footballers, and open expansive style of play - the loss of his two high profile midfielders to Citeh and Barca, plus the humiliating result at Old Trafford have the Tabloid press at their rabid xenophobic worst.

Steve Bruce is also apparently not safe, with (like Arsene) the poor end of last season form continuing. Sunderland look lightweight up front, and despite recruiting the world's greatest striker ( (c) Nicky Bendtner) Nickolas Bendtner, the hole left by the departure of Darren Bent is mocking the old adage 'No player is bigger than the club'.

At Newcastle, Alan Pardue is under pressure to deliver Silverware and a European spot next season, simply because he works for the Lunatic Ashley, who invests a pittance and expects a huge return.

And of course the new boy at Chelsea, Andre Vilas Boas, who will be expected to deliver the CL trophy and PL with an open, expansive style of football, because Roman is almost equally as unrealistic in his expectations as Mike Ashley.

Finally the dark horse for the bullet, Roberto Mancini, because with the forces at his disposal, he should be able to capture silverware and make the semis of the CL as a minimum, and take the league to the last game. Probably not under immediate pressure, but a few bad results will have that pressure soaring...

So, who is your favourite for the chop??

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I know who i hope goes first...I put a sneaky fiver on McCleish to go first at 20-1.

Interesting - I hadn't looked at Villa.  I can't see it myself, as they are a decent team with a quality keeper.  He should be enough to ensure they don't lose too many, but I'm equally not sure they've got enough firepower to challenge for top 6.  If they finish top half, I can't see him winning the sack race.


One I didn't mention was Steve Kean - he was looking vulnerable towards the end of the season and keeping them in the league probably saved his job.  I have a feeling about Blackburn that the chicken farmers might be interested in Mark Hughes, who is available at the moment, should Kean fail to get Blackburn off to a decent start...

With Mccleish, I am thinking a lot of the fans (not all, certainly not the more sensible ones that can see beyond a rivalry) won't accept him since he came from Brimingham and they will be waiting for a slip up to jump on his back.  The club has let a lot of players go including their two stars from last season and not really brought many in.  


Do I think he will be the first?  Quite simply, no.  But with these things considered, I thought 20-1 was too tempting to ignore.


Steve Kean is a possiblity purely because the Blackburn Rovers owners clearly don't know what they are doing.

You've posted this article twice...I replied on the 'other' one!

I don't know if I necessarily agree with the Chelsea line that Vilas Boas' job is safe if they don't do well.  I don't seem to remember either Ranieri or Scolari being given much time, Big Phil especially.  Roman isn't well known for patience, is he


I have to say that barring a continuation in Arsenal's dire fortunes, I can't see Arsene going until the end of the season.  I think that, everything being equal, it'll be Steve Kean or Steve Bruce getting the bullet first.  I accept that Bruce might have a sympathetic chairman in Niall Quinn, but I can't see Niall watching a continuation of last season's post January form without taking action  - and so long as Sparky is out of work, managers like Kean and Bruce will be looking over their shoulders...

Steve Kean must be the favourite.


He probably won't get sacked but I wouldn't be surprised to see Moyes leave Everton this season, it's been a long time coming.


I think McCleish will be alright, Villa flirted with relegation for a month or two last season so if he can keep them clear of that then I think they'll give him a bit of time.

1. Steve Kean

2. Steve Bruce

3. AVB


Or maybe Martin Jol if they don't start winning. (Or did they start winning, I've not checked)

Fulham just splashed over £10m on Ruiz, can't see them sacking Jol unless they have a really bad run.  Same goes for Bruce and his twelve signings!

Thing is with Sunderland, they've spent so much money over the past few years, even before Bruce arrived, but they've really got nowt to show for it. Players in, players out, he's the 'Arry of the North East.


Actually, let's add 'Arry to that list instead of Jol. They were dire against City, and they've not done much in terms of incomers other than who, Adebayor? So it will be interesting to see how they get on. Mito predicted that Spurs would be a one-hit wonder, I wonder if he'll be proved right yet again.


And yeah, didn't Mr. Al Fayed really want Jol, so he'll be given time, I'm sure.


Speaking of Mark Hughes, where is he? Thought he wanted new challenges. Was that code for "Why do I need to do this, I'd rather enjoy life"?

I don't think Tottenham played that bad against Man City?  I thought it was more Man City's dominance?  (I didn't see the game, just going by the reports I read and the analysis I have seen)


I also think Adebayor will make a hugh impact at White Hart Lane, he will link up well with Lennon, Bale and especially Van Der Vaart.

KEAN all day long

Spurs were abject. They were in it for about 20 minutes or so, and had chances later on, but the defending was woeful, and the midfield was over run. They need a ball winner, and since they've got Parker (I'd forgotten about him) that should help. Read something recently about how 'Arry doesn't have any kind of tactical plan in his matches, so it's no wonder that when things get rough, they don't have a plan B in the wings to change it!



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