Well Doug Ellis decided to retire and sold our club to Randy Lerner.

He in turn sold our club to Dr Xia.

Both failed to take us forward and we face out third season in the kiddies league.

Enter Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris, welcome boys, we need a break and a big uplift, we have had too many years of putting up with promise after promise to take us to the promised land, none have materialised and we are at our lowest since we last played in these lower leagues.

Anywhere you can take us has got to be better than where we have been, at least the threat of insolvency has gone. 

I favour a complete change and clear out but even if we don’t I still welcome you and promise to be optimistic about the coming season, looking forward to some good football and success on the pitch.

Any chance of your NFL side signing McC and Richards, they could be available quite cheap, as an incentive you can have Bruce for free?

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For the first time ever we have owners who don't need to worry too much about the money side of things. Neither has experience of running a football club, but both take a keen interest in football, have loads of business experience, and Wes Edens has done a remarkable job with his basketball team.

It'll take time to get us back into the big time, but neither are people to hang around unduly. For maybe the first time ever the club can be run and improved in the way it should be.

Exciting times. No idea what this means for Bruce and the players. The FFP limitations are still there. But we can  genuinely look forwards, with confidence.


Fast losing interest with Villa will still check scores and keep a eye on some of our players but now getting sick and tired of seeing new owners / managers co,me in and promise so much to fan's and yet deliver so little .

We did get to the play of final admittedly but the performance in that final was hampered by a negative game plan by Bruce .

Villa are a massive club with load's of history behind them and a massive fan base but all these fan's are been let down big style by owners and managers who seem to stagger from one problem to another each time the same happen's financial crisis new owner sell off all best players in squad to balance the books and the cycle starts again .

How this never ending cycle is going to be stopped is anyone's guess as JDHS says a massive overhaul is needed in staff at the club the squad needs to be culled and even if we stay in the championship for a few seasons to get the Club and squad right and managed by a manager who can do the business if given time we should go for that instead of stumbling along with a new manager every six months or each season .

The club needs to basically be rebuilt so instead of it been a yoyo club getting into the Prem and coming straight back down we can get up and hold our own and build from that and then we may be able to attract top players to play for Villa .

Still say .


Rizla01 .

Just hope that something happens at Villa to change my views .

Don't know what to make of this Henry rumour.

As we haven't any money because of FFP, then any manager coming in would have to make the best of what we've got. If they haven't been sold. Would Henry be OK with that?

If Bruce goes Dean Smith might be a better bet.

Bruce staying. Now we can get on with planning for the season ahead. Let's hope Jack and Chester can stay.



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