As Umma said the other day, the ads on this site are getting worse by the day I just tried to read McPs latest post and was blocked out completely by an ad.


I have bought an ad blocker for me phone have I got to buy another for me pad.

I can tell you SW that is not going to happen, your get rich scheme will lose all it's support. Why do you think ITV Sport the home of football failed?

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The ads are terrible alright. Is the adblocker for android or iPhone?! I tried one and it didn't work. Was adblock plus too which works great on the laptop...
Ad blocker for iOS by netzsuche it's fine on iPhone

I use Adblock Plus under Windows 7, the Firefox version. It's free. Other versions are available - might be worth checking to see if there's one available for your phone or pad (it lists Android and Safari versions).

It works fine. No more being swamped by ads!

yeah the adblock plus for Android doesn't seem to work at all, which is a right pity :-(

How much of your screen has ad's? Id. say no more than 10/15% but the best thing is there google ads so it's normally something I'm interested in.
they don't really bother me anymore. And there's barley anyone using the forum anymore any way, Christ were the only team left that actually still has a board...
That's true- why is it only villa who seem to post on SW and have a forum ? Is it because we have so much more to moan about?

nah cause we are too thick to figure out where the better boards are!

I'm on ja606 as well. At least here we don't suffer from WUMs. If SW disappeared I'd just use ja606. Did sign on for vital villa a long time ago, but something went wrong and I couldn't post; seeing what it's like these days I can't be bothered to sort it out. But I do look at it sometimes for news items.

It would be a shame if this site falls over I used to post on 606 but got fed up with the wums and found this site at the time the most sane.

It's not the posters here that bother me it's the ads don't you care SW?

I can tell you for certain that pop ups do not make me buy something and I never take note of the message you tell me that awaits me.

All we want is some banter about our team, sometimes friendly sometimes a little hostile but without ads interrupting us all the fking time.


Sport Witness currently gets over 5m page views per month. Less than 1% of these come from the Aston Villa board, indeed less than 0.1%. Should you wish to post elsewhere then do so, without wishing to sound rude we cannot run the website to suit a small minority of users.



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