Ok- so it's not long now before that old pesky transfer window slams shut. We have made a number of ok signings- but who do we feel is still missing from our squad who would join us?

Obvious starter for ten would be a goal scorer - and Pat Murphy is reporting that we are in advanced talks with Jonathan Kodjia from Bristol City. I'd sign him in an instance - scored 20 odd goals for them last season so can find the net in this division. Sign him!

An alternative option would be Afobe at Bournemouth who seems to be a bench warmer for them now. He's too good for that so why not stick in a bid?


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I'm glad the window is closed, it has I think been a good one for us and now RDM knows what he has to work with and can crack on and get some results on the board.

We SHOULD score goals, but can we keep the other team out??


Well that's the window shut now.

Have we signed enough quality only time will tell.Getting really sick of "The Docs" tweets,I wish he'd shut the f.....up He's going to cause problems.
At the moment it is still refreshing, following on of course, from years of total silence from the last chairman.

Yes, I'm glad it's over too. Nine players in and an incredible 16 players out. This is the new Villa. There are no excuses. Dr X does concern me a little. For example, say we lie in mid-table, coming up to Christmas.RDM could be facing the bullet. He doesn't seem the calm, reserved type does he?
We just might!!! Need players like Agbonlahour. He's still our player whether we! Like it or not. I know for sure our manager will NOT!!! Want our players slaughtered publicly. The Doc for me is showing naivety at the highest level. Let the manager do the talking.

Think the Doc has realised he needs to get the fans on side. That's why he's been open. I expect it to reduce in time as he has other interests. It also helps taking the pressure off RDM.

Also think RDM will be fine if we're mid-table come Christmas. Both RDM and Xia know that this will take time.

I don't think it does help take the pressure off RDM at all. If anything, it does the opposite. He's been open with targets and ideas etc great for fans who've been left in dark about what the board are doing, but he's talked publicly about/mainly criticised players that are still part of the squad. That makes RDM's job v difficult as they'll be unhappy by chairman chatting s**t about them.

How did it help RDM when Joe Bennett's name was plastered all over Twitter by Xia, claiming that he was a sponge, doesn't deserve to be part of team but wouldn't let him leave for a rival etc while he was still a member of the squad? Imagine if Cissokho/Amavi had been injured and RDM had to call on him?

Xia's openness might be refreshing for some, but let's not pretend that it's all helpful. Now the season is underway and window shut he needs to keep schtum about members of the squad. He seems the sort who would tweet 'last time he's in a Villa shirt' if someone had a randomly bad game/missed two pens/open goal etc which will do nothing to aid RDM. It's a long season, we'll need everybody to contribute if we're to achieve promotion. Time to Tony to take a time out on the tweets.


Spot on. I think if you study any! Phychology you will understand my point.

All! the squad needs supported.



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