I am sorry but this man has absolutely no dynamism. We can't keep   saying it's bad luck. We need to take games by the scruff  of the neck and dominate games. Saturday's game against Preston is a MUST WIN. If we lose or if more likely we draw again, it could be the end for RDM. Very disappointed again !!

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100% right

It is just like when McPish was our manger except in the Championship rather than the Prem.

It is not bad luck, bad luck is it happening once or twice, this is every game now and shows a deficiency that RDM can't seem to fix.

Thought we would with this one, take it by the scruff of the neck. That was a good team which was put out. Not too surprised Barnsley ended up on the score sheet; they've been scoring a lot this season. But in the 90th minute again!!! Barnsley have also let in a lot of goals this season; we should have capitalised on that, and didn't.

Suspect they set out to stop us getting into our stride. And it worked.

Barnsley was 'must win'. Brentford was 'must wib'. Forest was 'must win'. Bristol City was 'must win'. Huddersfield was 'must win'. Sooner or later, you have to say, that's enough.

Villa are properly mentally fragile at the moment. Whether this stems from high expectations and increasing pressure with every game ticking by, I just don't know. But you have to ask the question, just why is our 'frightening' forward line not firing? McCormack was the guy chased by Newcastle and Norwich. The one who would fire us back to the PL (result - 2 in 8 games). Kodjia was chased by Norwich and Hull. He was another who was meant to score the goals to fire us up (result - 1 in 5 games). Ayew was chased by Spurs, West Ham, Swansea, West Brom and several across Europe. The main man (result - 1 in 10 games). Grealish has only 2 goals from 9 games. This is our 'frightening' forward line. Why is it not working? Is it tactics? Is it passion? Is it bad luck?

But another thing. Why are we folding like a deck of cards, every time, as soon as an opponent manages to land a punch on us? We are meant to now be a team of leaders. We have spent fortunes to get the right players in.

The only conclusion at the moment can be the manager. If reports are to be believed, RDM could be gone by next week. I wouldn't blame Dr Xia if he were to pull the trigger then. In fact, I don't think anyone in football would be surprised.
Got to agree Lionbrad, that's a fair assessment of where we are.

What will be will be as far as RDM is concerned, one thing for sure, something has to change and change now, whether that is to be a new manager or a change of tactics and fortune.

This is just a nightmare repeat of where we have been for the last 6 years.

The same thing is in danger of happening again as happened last season .

The main reason i have not been on this forum as to wait and see how long it took for the call's for RDM'S  head to surface .

Let's all take a look back to the beginning of last season with Sherwood he also had a new squad of player';s to work with most of these had never played either in this country or abroad together .

He as sacked after 10 game's for not getting the required return's form wise from the influx of new blood into Villa's squad .

The rest is now history we ended up getting relegated with new manager's appointed on a fixed and temporary basis this resulted in the player's in last season's squad trying to make one manager's system work then another manager come's in and request's something totally different result a squad so disorganised and lacking confidence in what they are expected to do .

This is not a rant at member's who have posted there concern's i to have the same concern's but to sack RDM so soon would i feel be a step backward's in getting our season back on track .

The other point to consider is who would or should replace him if he is fired ? .

Could any fan honestly see any manager with a half decent pedigree come to Villa knowing that they have a maximum of ten game's to turn our Club's fortune's around or face the sack for not achieving set target's performance wise any manager with a half decent C.V would look at these constraint's and term's and run a mile .

I say give RDM time to get his squad well and truly gelled together playing his style and also cut this manager and player's in his squad some slack or face a similar fate as we saw last season .



Think you're right, Rizla, what's more I think Xia will see things that way. I think he'll keep tabs on the way things are working at Villa, via Wryness, but unless he's told there's a serious problem there he'll give RDM time.

I think we have the players (except midfield is a bit thin). Tonight's team was a good one. Reading the reports we were on top and had some good attempts. But that's not enough; things aren't yet clicking. But the answer is keep on working on it. We're not the only team with 90th minute nerves, but that doesn't help.

Just not sure who is available at the moment if RDM left??? It would need to be someone who is available right now -preferably just left a big club and has something to prove but has a proven track record of getting the most out of average players and instilling passion into their blood. It would be good if they had a little experience at national level ( one game maybe), although that might be asking for too much. They'd also need to have a good relationship with the media ......... oh crap!

They may also be used to taking a back hander or two and also have a good insight in how not to follow F.A rule's and Reg's regarding transfer business .

One back hander could be from the Dr for not getting result's and the other from the Club paying him of for fetching Aston Villa's name into disrepute .

I for one still hope that RDM can get it right. He is a good manager who has won promotion from this league before and like some have said, who else is there? You do need to be careful what you wish for. Look at the guy every Villa fan wanted, Nigel Pearson. He has been an absolute disaster at Derby and has already gone.

No wins in 8 games or unbeaten in 5 games, you can spin this how you like. The fact is though that we lie 17th in the Championship, with brittle confidence, a misfiring expensively assembled forward line and a serious mental problem in games. It is not fans who Rizla and Mcparland should worry about, it is Dr Xia. Because I am convinced that he will pull the trigger if we fail to beat Preston.
Yip! Another draw.

As far as I'm concerned he simply has to go now, we're falling behind fast and I'm afraid we can't possibly move on the players he! I think wanted.

RDM your time is up off you pop.




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