Tom Cleverley has hired Manchester company Creative Spark to work on his branding and interaction with fans. The midfielder, 22, has had an injury plagued season but has seen his profile rise greatly and is taking steps to manage that.

He has already launched his website and is launching a TC23 merchandise range soon. "The website looks fantastic, and I hope my fans enjoy the opportunity to interact with me directly and to keep up to date with my latest news – both on and off the pitch,” stated Cleverley.

“I enjoyed working with Creative Spark on the project and I am very pleased with the TC23 brand image.”

Neil Marra, Director of Creative Spark, said "Premiership footballers are brands in themselves and Tom’s site reflects this new opportunity for leading sports personalities to showcase their assets via one portal, and at the same time be consumer-facing and interacting with fans."

There are reports Tom Cleverley, who has played for Manchester United nine times, has pulled out of the England squad with an injury, we hope to see the brand back on the pitch as soon as possible, if that doesn't interfere with anything else of course. 

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At least we have 1 more of the very few remaining good looking footballers in the squad.
Wayne "Shrek" Rooney, Rio "Duckface" Ferdinand, David "Wolverine " De Gea, Luis "MJ" Nani, Twins "LOTR hobbits" Da Silvas, Patrice "Mugface" Evra, Javier "Lesbian" Hernandez, Ryan "Chesthair" Giggs, Louis "Fattyass" Anderson, Johnny "Childface" Evans should seriously be among the worst looking players in the premier league.
Carrick, Valencia and Berba are the only ones that can boast of good looks. Excited to see Tom making a brand of himself.


Nice to see you pop into a football discussion with your thoughts.



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