Manchester United Should Have Treated Tomasz Kuszczak Better


Tomasz Kuszczak is not a happy Polish goalkeeper.


He's angry and disappointed at what he thinks is unfair treatment from Manchester United. Over the past year or so it's become one of the easy roll-outs you see on Twitter, Facebook and forums to slate Tomasz Kuszczak and although he's had a couple of bad games during that time it does seem to be criticism going over the top. A lot of it gets personal too, how dare he have the audacity to not be good enough to be Manchester United's first choice goalkeeper, he cost about £2m, the cheeky so and so.


As far as reserve keepers go he's certainly been an adequate one yet a few mistakes and his time at United is looked back on to reveal a flapping buffoon who was an embarrassment to the shirt. When did a little bit of rational reality ever become necessary in football? Pah! Kick the Pole out and send him to another club whilst we all hum the Benny Hill theme tune to remind us of the hilarity he caused. 


Can you tell I'm a little irritated? 


Let's be clear, there is no role for Kuszczak at Manchester United. David De Gea is number one and Anders Lindegaard his seemingly able deputy, though a couple of mistakes by either and we'll have to dig the Benny Hill theme out again. After those two United have Ben Amos, who has represented England at every level to Under 21, and the even younger Sam Johnstone who is following a similar path.


The club don't need him and clearly don't want him so thank him for his good service over the years and send him on his way, maybe even on a free transfer considering his small initial cost. Yet as Kuszczak told The Sun "I had a few good offers. The problem was the club who wanted to sell me for £4m. I am angry and disappointed with the way I am treated."


Manchester United put a similar price tag on Kuszczak as had been on Ben Foster, a player who is always going to have the English premium added to his value. I feel the Polish keeper has a point, it would have been difficult to find a club willing to pay that amount and West Brom, who at one point were keen to sign him, managed to get Foster on loan for the season. Unfortunately his comment will infuriate that section of United fans who feel it is only themselves allowed to question the club, any good feeling towards Kuszczak will have slipped away some more.


Now United have a situation where an unhappy goalkeeper is hanging around feeling, rightly in my opinion, that he's been treated shabbily. We already know Anders Lindegaard is a moody thinker so what will he read into this situation as he settles down to life on the United bench?


Trying to get £4m for Tomasz Kuszczak was a lofty ambition by the club and in hindsight a mistake, rather than letting that mistake dwell it's time to give Manchester United's ex-reserve keeper the chance to rebuild his career elsewhere - for free.




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wait there a minute, why shouldn't he command a fee of £4m?

he's a decent keeper, would do well for 10 or 11 premier league clubs, £4m isn't extortionate, so whats the problem?

maybe Fergie thought, hey, if we don't get £4m and we have a bit of a crisis (injury or other) at some point with the goalies then Tommy would be good to have around the place as the rest of our keepers have minimal United experience!!


we always let players go overly cheap, and I'm sick of it for one


If we were demanding £10m I'd agree with you

It's clear we want him out and his contract is up next season, we'll never get £4m and were never likely to.
hmm I guess he is entitled to be a bit annoyed as he never really got a real chance (even foster got a run of games) but I guess he isn't actually good enough to be our number 1. I think he's a top keeper though and could play for a top 10 side if not higher so I wish him luck wherever he ends up in the future.
As much as I feel for Tommy K, he's at one of the most ruthless clubs, vying for the most ruthless position on the pitch. United can't afford to cock it up and he's not shown he's capable of being a United standard keeper. But I think he could easily do a decent job mid-table ala Foster, best of look to him

I agree completely. If his contract is up next year then he is not worth anywhere near £4m. His value would only be that high if we actually wanted to keep him - even as backup. When it is clear that he is surplus to requirements, it makes more sense to get him off the wage bill and, at best, look to recover the £2m fee we paid for him. We did that with Obertan, for example. Now it seems that we will either release him, recover an even lower fee (a token gesture) or he will leave for nothing when his contract is up. In the meantime we have an unhappy player on the books who needs to be looked after and possibly given game time that would otherwise be given to Amos. In the meantime his cash value is dropping on a daily basis.


This is of course based on the assumption that TK is correct in saying that Utd were holding out for £4m.


It's true that we often let players go on the cheap (annoyingly) but I think you have to expect that with a player who is arguably not even 3rd choice and might not get a game for us all season. On what basis can the club claim that he is now worth double what we valued him at when we signed him to be second choice keeper?

a lot of assumptions

you've qualified the £4m one, and taking Tommy Ks word for it

but how about the assumption we wanted rid at any cost? maybe Fergie wanted him around, even just for training, to help pass on his experience to the very young set of keepers we currently have....will he be happy being asked to do this? no. but is it within our rights to expect our staff to be professional? yes.

look at the cudicini's and even given last year...having experience around the place can be vital


he can go in a year and earn himself a lot of money going on a free somewhere - win win in my eyes, even if it's annoyed him for now!

I don't see why his word on it should be questioned, we all thought it was strange he hadn't gone.


I think the idea that Ferguson wanted him to hang around for training is a little absurd and I don't think you believe that yourself.

why is it absurd?

City did it with Given

Spurs are doing it with Gomes/Cudicini

Liverpool got in that guy from Roma

Arsenal are doing it with Almunia


I think having an experienced keeper around the place is of massive importance, what are our keepers aged? De Gea 19, lindegaard 25, Amos 19 (give or take was just having a stab)

and the oldest by a mile hasn't been here long...


otherwise you logically explain us saying £4m or no deal - if we wanted rid we would have!

Given, Gomes and Cudicini and the rest were/are all second choice. They were the reserve keeper, so they performed the function Tomasz performed for so long.


He is not now second choice. That's the difference.


I think we genuinely believed we'd get that, wrongly obviously.

I see your point, but I still think it's not beyond the realms of possibility that Fergie has identified an area of inexperience, and decided that, unless a sizeable offer (say £4m) came in, then there was no value in letting him go....

we'll have VDS coming back into the fold next year in a coaching capacity (I believe) so holding on to TK until we get that experience back wouldn't be such a dumb move

certainly not absurd anyway

I entirely disagree but will agree to disagree.

WP, I think you are making assumptions here as well. IMO if Fergie valued TK's experience that highly then he would be higher in the pecking order. The fact is that - on the pitch - he obviously values the younger keepers higher than TK. If they are already considered to be better keepers than TK then what exactly does his experience offer?


I could understand your argument if we had kept Edwin in that capacity because he has the experience of being a world class keeper who has played in the biggest matches at the highest level. De Gea has as much experience of that as TK despite his age!


I think Owen might be valued for his experience and ability to help the youngsters but, like Edwin, he was once world class and has experience at the highest level in every competition. I don't believe that TK offers that at all. He has only ever been back up at Utd and he is obviously disgruntled. Is that the sort of player we want nurturing our youngsters? A player who is resentful at those youngsters having taken his place and towards the club that has blocked his move?



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