Tottenham Hotspur could take Manchester City player as long as they sell Aaron Lennon

Tottenham Hotspur are so wrapped up in getting the most money possible for Luka Modric that they appear to have forgotten their squad needs some additions bringing in, and quickly. After today there are 11 days left in the summer transfer window and when you think that 11 days ago we were still in the full swing of the Olympics, it's easy to imagine how quickly that will pass by. 

Spurs still need some players in to make them more potent upfront and Manchester City will need to offload a couple if Roberto Mancini is to get his way and bring players in, so that makes it obvious that Emmanuel Adebayor will be returning temporarily to White Hart Lane right? Maybe, but he isn't the player in question here.

Adam Johnson, according to The Mirror, is set to be informed that he's not needed at the Premier League champions and can leave the club on loan, as long as City complete their move for Scott Sinclair. Johnson has had a frustrating spell under Roberto Mancini and could welcome a move to Spurs.

The Times today report that Andre Villas Boas is interested in the wide player and that Manchester City will ask for £15m to secure any permanent deal. They say that Levy will not pay more than £10m and he's only prepared to do that if he's able to sell Aaron Lennon first. 

Inter Milan had been linked with Lennon in relation to Spurs trying to sign Julio Cesar, and although it sounds unlikely at the outset the Serie A club may be the side he's the best chance of going to. 

That all seems to rest on a lot of things happening, City accepting £10m and Spurs getting rid of Lennon for a price they're happy with are not probabilities within the time left in this transfer window. Therefore, what The Mirror say a possible loan could hold more interest for Levy. 

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I usally try not to comment on these stories but this did make me smile. The fact its utter rubbish would make anyone smile really why on earth would we sell lennon RIGHT sided winger to bring  a LEFT winger in? Now dont get me wrong I like johnson hes a good player (he will need serious confidence building though) and i wouldnt mind bringing him in as cover for bale but defo not at the cost of lennon also we really need strikers not wingers so lets just take this one with a pinch of salt eh COYS

Eric, hate to burst your bubble here but Johnson is primarily a right winger, both for City and England. He's left footed and a trademark of his game is cutting inside. So you're shooting with blanks here I'm afraid. 



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