Tottenham set to bring in top forward from France for a pittance, but it's too little too late

Tottenham today cruelly missed out on qualification for next year's Champions League and whilst their exclusion last year can be put down to total bad luck and timing, given that Chelsea won the thing but didn't qualify through the league, this time around what the club has lacked has been obvious from day one and that they've failed to do anything about it makes something of a mockery of their celebrated excellence in the transfer market. Getting huge amounts for players is good, getting bargains is great, but if that doesn't lead to the squad the club needs to compete then it's ultimately a total waste of time.

The long chase for Damiao has so far led to nothing but during the winter transfer window it looked like they were about to buy Lisandro Lopez from Lyon to give them a little more firepower. Given how close the league ended, a few goals from him over the last couple of months would have probably seen Tottenham finish above Arsenal. 

L'Equipe claimed in February, that for a forward Lyon paid 24m plus bonuses to Porto for, Tottenham offered just 6m! He was 29 at the time and obviously his value will have dropped but not to that level, Lyon already thought Tottenham were unprofessional in transfers after the issues with Hugo Lloris last year and the bid was dismissed out of hand with Lyon not even wanting to go into further negotiations.

On one hand there's being clever in transfer negotiations and on the other there's putting an outright insult of a bid in, when you could really do with an additional striker to help push for the lucrative Champions League. Perhaps annoyingly, given how little was offered, L'Equipe say that the player was keen on a move. 

Just after the €6m revelation, L'Equipe spoke to Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris about the club almost singing Lisandro Lopez, his former team mate, and the Frenchman was positive and obviously a little rueful. 

"Apparently, he almost came to Tottenham... (Smiles) He's a great player, charismatic, gives Lyon an enormous amount. This is a necessary player, someone who works for the team, who is decisive and wins matches."

Lopez's contract ends in 2014 and Tottenham will probably get him for somewhere near to the amount offered and be praised for a clever deal. This month's edition of Le Foot Gazette Des Transferts says that the London club are still chasing him, along with more expensive additions like David Villa and Gonzao Higuain. Lopez will be a good squad addition even if one of those two stars sign, yet he would have been far more useful during the season just gone. Good football economics doesn't really work if it loses you tens of millions of pounds by failure to qualify for the big time. 

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