Just picked up that we are about to sign Birkir Bjarnason from FC Basel (subject to a medical)- centre midfielder. This was done on the quiet - good signing if it goes through? (about £2m).

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Yes, Greek, now you go too far!!!! Lay off the ouzo.

Papers today saying a double bid for Neil Taylor and Modou Barrow from Swansea and then Grealish plus cash for Rhodes. Thoughts?
Yeah- I saw that as well. My first thought was 'no way',but if you think about it, it may make sense. Grealish hasn't exactly set the championship alight and with his off field antics, it may be that Bruce feels he isn't going to change his ways and so an exchange/cash deal is good for all. The papers are quoting we would get Rhodes and maybe £10m if Grealish is valued at £20m ( which seems high to me and a more realistic figure would be Rhodes and £5m - but what do I know).

I think, all things considered, I'd be happy with that deal, especially considering the new midfielders we have bought in the transfer window + the need for a striker. Bring it on!

Fast and furious 

Claim and counter claim 

load's of paper talk 

The Grealish deal if that come's off as you say Wizard could work well for every one 

The thing we can all be certain of is that as with all window's this type of gossip and second guessing will carry on till the last minute .

Good window for Villa so far for me let's see what we have when it close's and move on from there .



This story is rubbish why would anyone want to join middlesboro' they'll be back in the championship in a season or two?

Reckon it's rubbish. At least his dad says so.

Rhodes though, not in their squad today. Strong signal he's going somewhere, hope it's us/

Don't fancy the rumoured Swansea pair. Reckon we have enough in, Rhodes would be icing on the cake.

Only thing is that Rhodes hasn't been making the squad anyway. He is apparently behind Rudy Gestede in the pecking order! Someone who wasn't good enough for us. Er, let's hang on a minute and think about this.

If Karanka thinks Gestede is the answer to his problems would you trust his judgement on Rhodes?

Mac, I'm more worried about his record of 6 goals in a year. Also, how badly we were stung by the signing of the other prolific Championship scorer, Ross McCormack.

Westwood sold to Burnley! That will please a lot of people!!



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