At least its not like the O'Neil days when we signed everyone on the 31 January but I am concerned that as a club we waste an awful lot of money on players.

I am not sure what Johnson brings to us over that of Collini I thought he was a decent keeper and getting better as he settled. We have let Gestede go for about the money we paid, at a time of the Africans cup leaving us without Kodjia and Ayew. I now read that RHM is not in the first team squad as he hasn't signed his contract and that Kozak is to find another club.

I suppose all that means Flabby will be running around like a headless chicken to no purpose what so ever.

I realise that we are not in possession of the facts but to me a keeper was not a priority in a team that has to rely on Gardner and Westwood to stoke the engines.

Finally I don't understand why we don't bring Gill back from loan as least he can control the ball. It is also time for Grealish to step up and be 'that player' rather than us all living in hope.

We wish for so much I hope we are not going to be disappointed again.

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The only reason I can think of which justifies Johnstone being brought in is that Gollini is unsettled and wants to return to Italy. If that is the case it's a good move. It might be the case, because when Gollini arrived he had the support of a very good Italian goal-keeping coach, who left after Bruce arrived. It would explain Bunne being picked over Gollini. If it is not the case it is a pity, because Gollini I'm sure will become a very good keeper.

The important transfers have to sort out the midfield. Lansbury would be a good start. Lansbury, Jedi and Tish strkes me as a good midfield; someone else as well would be nice as we could then dump Westwood and Gardner.  Otherwise, we could do with an out-and-out striker up front; Rhodes and Kodjia could be a very potent strike force. Also someone to share defensive duties with Baker and Chester, in case one gets injured.

Good comments JD but at least under O'Neil whilst we did waste money with the contracts & terms at least we were able to hold down a top 6 place within the EPL !

Gestede is a proven goal scorer providing that he gets the service ? Brucie obviously is not a fan of high balls into the box.

If we cannot sort the mid field problems then not even the worlds best goalscorers will make much difference !

You are right JD we are not in possession of the back room antics facts but the longer this goes on then the chances of a revival are extremely slim - please don't tell me we will be happy & that next year will be different ??



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