I think it is really positive to see us getting business done already. It shows that we mean business and have a plan.

We have released:-

De Laet








All decisions I agree with, older and on high wages.

In comes Jota from the Blues a player Deano knows from Brentford and apparently Gardener goes the other way.

Sounds good to me.


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Started as we mean to go on. All of those, except De Laet and Richards, can leave with their heads held high, having been thoroughly professional and contributed to the cause, some exceptionally so, but it's time for them and us to move on, and I'm glad the club has been decisive in this. De Laet was never really in the mix, not at all his fault, and I hope he does OK. Richards maybe less said about the better; a lot of players in his position would move on simply to play, if they could, and if they couldn't play agree a retirement package with the club and get on with the rest of their life.

Elphick going must mean the club is confident about the defence, so at least Mings and Hause are probably nailed on to stay. Tuanzebe we don't know yet. I think Chester will stay as backup, we'll get another LB who will compete with Taylor, and presumably Guilbert and Elmo fill the RB position.

Deano know Jota so if he wants him I'll go with that. I assume we'll keep El Ghazi but think we need another winger as well, assuming Jota plays as a winger. Strikers and DMs next on the cards?

Looks to be an interesting summer, keeping track of the signings and the following the pre-season.

Trigger pulled on McCormack as well, he was a costly mistake.

I wonder if handled differently that would have turned out better?

Still onwards and upwards, need to get a few in now.

He had issues, mainly family breakdown; a different approach could have helped. The Bruce approach didn't. A manager more like Smith could well have helped. But overall the signing was a mistake, a big contract for a 30 year old forward. It cost us in all sorts of ways.

Whatever, move on.

Where are the new signings?

El Ghazi has signed I really don’t get what he brings to the team 

El Ghazi was beginning to frighten defences towards the end of last season. If he could improve his final ball he could be a hell of a player. At the moment his crosses don't always go in the best places. DS must be confident he'll improve to keep him.

See we're after a couple of forwards from Brugges, where Benteke came from. Interesting times ahead.

Glad JT is staying for another couple of years. We are building something.

Five signings so far - El Ghazi, Jota, Hause, Wesley, Targett. All good stuff but more needed.

The Mings wait is frustrating. Thing we need at least another winger, strker and DM. Fingers crossed.

One of the biggest reasons we got promoted was the goal scoring loanee from Chelsea

We have gone nowhere to replace his feats - the signings so far have been good - but expensive

but only bolster the defensive options - Jota is a winger - Wesley is not a prolific goalscorer (yet)

spending £20 mill on a left back seems odd to me - right back needs to be covered Elmo is not EPL class - the best signing could be Mings cos he is class  !

Our youngsters are being shipped out on loan ?

Not negative thoughts just needing to be more positive of our needs in EPL 

According to the Sun (usual warnings apply!) Bournemouth want £25m for Mings. We won't pay that. It's looking less likely.

We have Guibert as well as Elmo for right back. Targett looks good, and we need someone as well as Taylor. If the rumours about Cahill are true then we have 3 CBs, but we really need Mings as well, or the equivalent.

Not sure what's happening with the youngsters; it's possible O'Hare may end up with our first team.

Mings is on the way, expensive, but if he stays fit could be a great signing.

Maybe one or two more, but getting close to the squad Deano wants. We will need some depth to challenge for the title (joke!!).

Trezeguet an Egyptian international playing in Turkey might be next. I saw him in the game where Egypt got knocked out, I wasn't impressed!!

Glad that Mings has signed - I think that we are unsure what DS plans are for future

signings but he must have seen positive vibes with whoever is on the radar 

We now have a 'team' of people who are running this club now that are gonna spend/manage us for the future - hope they use the kids  ?

Konsa signed. Does that mean defence is sorted?

Reports today is that we are to sign another Brazilian for DM from Man City and a Belgian centre half

i am beginning to wonder if Dean knows we can only play 11 at a time as he has never managed in the premier before.



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