I think it is really positive to see us getting business done already. It shows that we mean business and have a plan.

We have released:-

De Laet








All decisions I agree with, older and on high wages.

In comes Jota from the Blues a player Deano knows from Brentford and apparently Gardener goes the other way.

Sounds good to me.


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Stunned! If we survive the first season we should have a hell of a squad!

Think he knows what he's doing. The owners aren't leaving anything to chance. We'll have enough quality to cover for injuries and resting players.

We needed a DM and that's Luiz, so no problems there. Engels is a CB, of which we'll then have 5; a bit much, but it may mean DS doesn't rate Chester's chances of a good recovery much.

Treguezet done

For night-owls ought there, the match against Minnesota United is being streamed live on their Youtube channel, at 1 a.m. tomorrow morning our time. If you can stay awake should be interesting.

Only a friendly, but a good work out, classic goal from Grealish.

Nice finishes from Lansbury and Bjarnason. A professional performance from 2 different 11's. Job done :-)

Couldn't really have done much more, considering it's first match of pre-season. All 3 goals were classy. Steer was as good as ever, the defence looked fine apart from the occasional lapse. Hourihane, Lansbury and Barney will have done their chances no harm at all. Wesley and Jota looked promising.

1-0 v Shrewsbury, goal from Hogan. An OK performance, many players looked shy of match fitness.

On to Walsall Wednesday night, live on Villas You Tube channel again.

Think they may also have been a bit tired from the trip. The new signings all looked OK. Guilbert looks terrific when he's going forwards, more of a wing-back figure; needs to work on defence, but think it'll come. Wesley looks good, moves a lot, anticipates, neat footwork. Jota maybe the top signing at the moment, and he's only just settling in.

If we can get Douglas Luiz in as DM then our major gaps are filled, although can see us getting a couple more.

A bit one-sided 1-5 against Walsall. Both Jota and Wesley looked superb buys and scored 2 each. Jota is dangerous when he cuts in, and he and Guilbert are forming a great partnership down the right. Wesley has very neat feet as he showed for his opening goal, and his penalty was as good as you'll get. But more than that he's very mobile, seems to have a good footballing brain in terms of movement and bringing other players into it.

Engels did OK at CB; can see him and Konza battling it out. Lansbury looked good in forward midfield and strung some great passes together.

Every signing (well most) have been great but I am most excited by Luiz a most important position to fill in modern football.

its been a very long time since we supporters had this feeling of imminent success and that’s not even thinking about winning something.

Great work Villa thanks for restoring our faith.

All we need now is for us to get results, as we know some fans are just stupid. If we get off to a bad start it might be a long season listening to the whingers.

I think we are doing everything right, as we are signing promising young talent and have a manager with a plan and a team behind him.

Could be exciting times ahead.........

Will always be whingers Bosko !!

We are buying/planning for the future with at last a 1st class manager.

'COULD' - I am excited now & season hasn't started yet  !!

Yeah, I didn't mean anyone on here, but Facebook and Twitter, my God!! I don't know what some of them are on.

They must be young kids, they have zero patience and are starting to think we will win the league!

I'd still take 17th right now!



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