I think it is really positive to see us getting business done already. It shows that we mean business and have a plan.

We have released:-

De Laet








All decisions I agree with, older and on high wages.

In comes Jota from the Blues a player Deano knows from Brentford and apparently Gardener goes the other way.

Sounds good to me.


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Still not getting carried away, but we look quite decent. Very fluid and competition in all areas of the park. Even Hogan and Lansbury look good.

Davis wont score loads but he does hold the ball up very well and brings in the midfield.

Kodjia still to come. The midfield is over blessed with talent.

Good times.

Wish the season would start now! We've done enough faffing around. 11 signings and maybe more to come. I'd like to see what team we're going to put out and see it play in matches which matter.

I have to agree, I cannot for the life of me pick a team out of that lot, ok some names will go in automatically but as to the rest I have no clue.

I wonder if they are all told they are first choice for a position or if they are all told to fight. Which ever way it is I want the season to start NOW, TONIGHT, TOMORROW 

Hi all, hope you are having a good summer in the north?

exciting season ahead with a good pre season underway, 30,000 season tickets snapped up so a full villa park every week and a squad that looks, on paper, excellent.

The pundits have us down to struggle, so that means we will finish top 10.

I have only one complaint,,,,, That W on the shirts, which are class I may add, is terrible.

I know we have to have sponsoring but that looks crap.

oh well, I haven't got the body for a tight Kappa shirt anyways  but sadly that W would stop me buying the shirt.

I like the training tops, no silly w on them so I shall invest in a nice polo.

Heaton coming, he is good, but I do feel a little sorry for Steer.

Not sure Heaton is automatically no 1. DS doesn't do favourites. Think they'll battle it out.

In the short term maybe Heaton has got the edge. But he's getting older. Steer may be the future.

Jed is 26, so another couple of years as number 2, if he is happy to do that and then he might be really ready.

We're Aston Villa, we buy who we want!! Isn't a nice change from 12 months ago!! Even halfway through last season it looked poor. Before the 10 game winning streak, I was resigned to no promotion!!

It's a funny old game!!

Marvelous Nakamba confirmed as well now. Any more? Rumours abound of a striker.

I'm happy already!

I am still not sure Dean knows we can only play 11 

He has a big job rotating that lot and keeping everyone happy.

Although along with a lot of other Villa fans I am the happiest I have been in years.

Cant wait for the season to start.

A great workout today, 3-1 in Leipzig is a great result. Heaton made some great saves, we hit the woodwork twice. Hourihane playing for his place with 2 goals from free kicks.

All positive. Don't get carried away! But we look decent.

Roll on next week!

A testing match, we came through it fine, even if not 100% at times. That must be fairly close to our lineup against Spurs. 

Maybe we didn't press Leipzig enough in their half. Think our left side wasn't quite at it, and wonder if Taylor works better with El Ghazi that Targett does at the moment; think Targett is still settling in. Dean has some decisions to make, but not too many.

Charlton, Shrewsbury and Walsall all win on opening day! The Villa effect!!



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