I'm not getting carried away, but let's keep this run going. A very winnable game, but we must be careful that no complacency sets in. This will be a battle I reckon, do we now have the steel for a fight?

I hope so, what do you guys think?

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I just hope that Bruce plays much the same team and doesn't draw back into his defensive shell, if he does we will lose and deserve to lose.

We have to play attacking football, something I doubt he understands

Bruce has to end the month with a decent record for it. Two more wins would do it comfortably, 14 points out of 18, (even if I still have doubts about him over a longer term). A win and a draw, considering who've we played over the month, is around the minimum; 12 points out of 18. A win and a loss, and I reckon he'll be very lucky to escape the axe. Less than 11 points I think he's a goner and rightly so.

So for him this match is very close to being another must win. Will the club see it that way? I suspect so.

And we ought to win, with the players we've got. To do that we have to score. Saturday's team is a decent starting point. I'm not sure why Elmo is playing right back when we have three regular right backs. It's probably to accommodate Snoddy, who so far has been underwhelming. The other players are worth keeping but I hope Bruce doesn't put too much pressure on Davis and Kodjia so thinks about who to replace them with when he pulls them off. No use sticking Hogan up front because that's not his strength. I'd have stuck McCormack on the bench but Bruce has ditched him.

Will we win? Maybe, not confident.

Not sure about McP logic here - Elmo plays at right back to accommodate Snot box ???

Not sure when you rose blinkered  lot will not accept that we have a clown as a manager

Please explain the positives for a his promotion prospects  !

Keep off the ouzo! It wasn't my logic; that's the only reason I can think of why Bruce might stick Elmo there. It's Bruce's logic, don't ask me why.

3-0 up after 32 minutes, but I'm still not getting carried away!

When do we unveil the statue of Bruce LOL!

This Adomah looks good, pity we didn’t have him from the start of the season, OR did we?

Well done Albert poor show Bruce

Still heading in the right direction, must not be complacent against Bolton at the weekend. 

Do no count your chickens but is this unbeaten run happening ?

U.T.V .




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