I'll keep it short because we're close to kick offs but I can't see an article on the home page so here we go!
If one appears at a similar time to this and is better (chances are it will be) ignore this and enjoy the football! 
(couldn't find the general football category so it's on Manchester United's) 

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From twitter:  team news: de gea, fabio, jones, rio, evra, Valencia, carrick, fletcher, nani, young, berba

Believe me, if nobody wants to speak I'm more than happy to talk to myself all night, it's what I seem to do on twitter. Glad to see Berbatov starting, not so much that he's on his own...
Apparently Gibson is on the bench and Morrison isn't, for me this is expected but has upset many tweeters.
nani, valencia AND young start and none of them at right back! Interesting, I want goals. I want berbagoals. I want nanigoals. I want younggoals, I want valenciagoals. 

I orginally thought when I first seen the team that it might be Nani up top with Berbatov because Young is best on the left and more often than not Nani doesn't really perform in that position. I hope to see a bit of interchanging from Nani and Young tonight.


This would be a great time for Berbatov to get his first European goal since 2008. This is going to be a very difficult game. I think Benfica are going to have a go and to win it I think we may have to score more than one.


This game brings back special memories for me. The first United game I went to was this fixture 5 years ago where we had to at least get a draw from the last game of the group.

I'd love us to score a bucketload, not that confident though.


Young central you think? or maybe a 4231 with a fluid 3 from the usual wingers?

I'm thinking Nani could play off Berba, just have a feeling he could be used more centrally tonight. Either way if someone doesn't support Berba he could have one of those games where he gets frustrated with the lack of supply and doesn't do an awful lot.
I wonder if the fact that he hasn't scored for a few years is messing with him mentally. (in the CL) 

I really hope Berba has a great game, seems like he's had a great attitude through being on the bench or out the squad for so long so he deserves it.


Gaitan one to watch according to BBC Sport.

Scratch the not that confident, the stream Im on has Warren Barton as a pundit, he says United will secure the group tonight!

Any reports of trouble in Naples yet?  I hope not but I know there was stuff going off in forums not so long ago.

What odds on the goal line refs making absolutely no decisions tonight? Don't think Ive ever seen one.


Anyone know whos on the bench for us, didnt get shown.

Can someone explain a simple maths question to me, what is bigger/better, 4 or 5? It seems whenever we play 5 in midfield we look less convincing than when we play 4-4-2...

This will test Jones, let's see how he bounces back. 

Evra seemed very out of position on tha tgoal, and Nani doesn't put in the biggest defensive shifts, I think that side might be our biggest problem tonight.


Don't think that central role is too good for Young, he's barely had a touch. Him and Nani should do a quick swap.



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