Ungracious Catalan press call Chelsea cowardly, vulgar, and unworthy of the competition.

The Catalan press aren't too pleased with tonight's events and weren't gracious in defeat. We all know Barcelona's qualities but tonight but they couldn't find a way past Chelsea when they really needed to.

Sport.es said:

Unjust, cruel, horrible... Any adjective is not enough to describe the incredible Barca elimination at the hands of Chelsea. Few times a team had all the qualities to move to a Champions League final and also Guardiola. And rarely a rival, with so little, won the prize. 


That isn't all, there's some more insults for Chelsea:

It is difficult to explain how the club could throw away a tie in which it was infinitely better than its rival. The Chelsea at Camp Nou was like that of the first leg at Stamford Bridge. A team stingy, cowardly, vulgar. Unworthy of a competition as big as this. Their ultra-conservative tactic led them to defend tooth and nail with all players in the area of Cech. It's amazing how, with so little, they were able to score three goals in 180 minutes.

Quite an astonishing attack on the English team who presumably should have played the game Barcelona wanted them to and provided space for Barcelona to enter the area.

Barcelona themselves will be criticised but the attacks on Chelsea by the Barca friendly press are uncalled for and will make Chelsea fans even happier with the victory. The Barca team were far more gracious after the game and congratulated their counterparts. 

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Woah smell the angostura coming off that!

Although some of those criticisms are valid if levelled at John Terry specifically. His self righteous so-called apology just reaffirmed why I can't stand the arrogant thug.



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