MUST launch this new campaign today which is styled as a rebirth of the Green and Gold campaign.As they say "The only thing we want to lose this season is the debt".Show your support at tonights game and visit the MUST site to keep up to date during our TWENTY winning season!

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Not a chance!!!
No thank you. Left wing anti business liberal numpties.

The Glazers are in the process of reducing the debt are they not? Seems like odd timing to say the least...


What is MUST's plan this time - green and gold buttons, handbags and tie pins? Or is there an actual plan that involves more than hurling abuse at the owners, sponsors and any fans that don't engage in hurling abuse?

The response is very interesting here.SSmith,SS by name and nature.Lambsy,savaged by a dead one? and of course redmisty.Im sure Ill pick up a few more along the way as it seems SW has a very bitter pro glazer lobby.Aint gonna stop posting my support for MUST,IMUSA,all THREE United fanzines who are anti-glazer so if reds want to join the campaign then the more the merrier.Perhaps the pro-glazer mob will set up a stall near MUST 2nite.Then again?

Pmsl, we pro Glazer just because we are not pro MUST/IMUSA.

Hows about we are pro United, you are pro power.

I don't see the likes of MUST doing any good for anybody.  That doesn't make me pro-Glazer.  They are in the process of looking to reduce the debt in any case - and perhaps it would be more prudent to wait and see on this, rather than distracting the team for yet another season.


Compared to the likes of Abramovich, using his team like toys and throwing managers out of his pram, at least the Glazers let Sir Alex get on with it and don't interfere with the running of the team.






Just like Redmist said, hurling abuse at fans who don't engage in hurling abuse! I didn't say anything other than "Not a chance" and yet you think it's good to make stupid remarks. Well I'll say something now; you're a dick!!!

Yeah yeah, because the best way of securing the 20th league title is to plung the club into a state of instability!

Sometimes I just wonder how other people manage to get themselves through the day.

Didnt the Glazers buy a significant amount of George Best memrobilia to keep it within the club and to help his family out?

LFC fan in peace, standing proud with the SW MUFC SUPPORTERS.  It seems that the must campaign is not liked here so typically instead of trying to argue some well made points you decide to call them pro-glazer, I can see entirely why they want you to do one.  If you can't argue your case with 4 utd fans how do you expect to engage the rest of them?

If you can't argue your case with 4 utd fans how do you expect to engage the rest of them?


 Very good point.

Top post!



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