MUST launch this new campaign today which is styled as a rebirth of the Green and Gold campaign.As they say "The only thing we want to lose this season is the debt".Show your support at tonights game and visit the MUST site to keep up to date during our TWENTY winning season!

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Extract from their latest communication


"This is the rebirth of Green and Gold - building it up from the bottom once again. If you are going to the match tonight or wherever you are watching it show your support for a debt free United. It's fine to wear Green & Gold and Red together. You might say Red is supporting the team, Green & Gold is for the club. This isn't a fashion statement - it is a symbol of your commitment to a cause and in the best interests of our Football Club."


So basically they are admitting that G&G is currently dead in the water.



Anti Business prats. This MUST is just a joke. They are once again, trying to destroy our season. They want to once again split the fan base. Man Utd and it's players deserve the support of our fan base. They do not deserve to hear Anti-Glazer chance on an increased basis. The players, most notably Vidic has stressed it was a distraction in 09/10 season. Can we afford to be putting obstacles in front of our players?

Going tonight Nobby?
 I"ll be watching it TCIR.Wonder when you"ll get round to mentioning I aint from manchester originally.Seems the pro-glazer lobby have throw every other bit of personal abuse my way but that.A gift for those that didnt know then.

Nobby - I think many of us on this board are not from Manchester.  I'm not either (though I did live there very briefly).


I don't think Mancunian supporters care where we're from - United belongs to the world now. 

Fantastic to see nolhman and a scouser pitching into the debate.Of course Im aware Im in a minority so far on here so have to be careful how I reply.Wouldnt want to give any reason to be banned other than I support the majority view among organised active United fans at MUST,IMUSA,Red Issue etc.Perhaps those on here who would glory in the demise of MUST would also glory in the choking of ALL independent United fans groups.
Nobby, it's you who goes on about 'match going reds' backing it. You're not one.

Several on here are and disagree with you.

"Of course Im aware Im in a minority so far on here so have to be careful how I reply"

Your a minority everywhere Nobby!

There is approx 300Million fans of united world wide, how many of them support MUST?

Ah the silent majority.Silence doesnt mean acceptance.Paid my dues as a United fan over the years so even if I dont make as many matches as I used to it doesnt take away from the fact that ALL independent United fans groups are anti-glazer.

Do you know why they are silent?

Because they support the most successful and prestigious club in english history that is ran impeccably from top to bottom.

Hahaha, you can't even count, that'd be 2 liverpool fans, or 'scousers' as you call us.  I don't care where you live, not important, Seriously, argue your point, don't hide behind percieved issues as to why you don't think you can speak your mind, I'm speaking mine and it's not even my club, don't you just lurv democracy? 


Last year was incredibly destructive to Liverpool Football Club and there were so many different 'factions' it felt like a tribal war sometimes, did any of those factions actually achieve anything?  NO, the factions probably helped  add to tensions at the club in a meaningful way.  If you want the same for your club, go for it.

As you said the majority of 'Organised Active Fans' may hold similar views to yours but then of course those who don't have an axe to grind have no reason to get 'Organised and Active'!!!


The majority of United fans are quite happy with the way things are going!!!



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