MUST launch this new campaign today which is styled as a rebirth of the Green and Gold campaign.As they say "The only thing we want to lose this season is the debt".Show your support at tonights game and visit the MUST site to keep up to date during our TWENTY winning season!

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Make of this what you will:


"The news that United will float (IPO) on the Singapore Stock Exchange may have met with mixed responses but one thing it does confirm is a significant victory for supporters and the Green & Gold campaign.


"So a significant victory saving our club a huge sum of money so many may feel Green & Gold has done its job. However we now face a further challenge to capitalise on this progress and get the Glazers to do the right thing and pay down all of THEIR debt on OUR club out of the IPO proceeds. That is absolutely possible for them - they just don't want to.
Whatever debt is left on the club after the IPO will effectively have been transferred from the Glazers to Manchester United forever."

I was led to believe (from the Telegraph) that they plan to cut the current debt on the club down significantly (the paper suggested up to half of it may be cut off). The rest will likely to be used on the loan was that likely taken out to pay down the PIK's, with a fair chunk left over for themselves/ other businesses they own.

Rumour has it that we are all being given CHAMP19NS scarves tonight.
Yes, we are. Nice touch in my opinion.
Yes it is nice.   Can't see there being much G&G in evidence then.

Lucky things!


I'll be watching from the pub in Cyprus - they don't normally give out anything apart from the odd bowl of popcorn!



Did it ever occur to you that you are the bitter one here? You accuse anyone who doesn't hate the Glazers as being "bitter" and "pro Glazer" and you say that we are "all about keyboards".


And then you wonder why you get abuse? As you obviously have no respect for anyone with views that differ from yours, why should you expect respect in return? MUST has no credible plan other than turning fans against the owners, and by association the Board and the manager, for no apparent reason. Or do you believe the RKs will suddenly re-emerge and solve all of our "problems" just like last time......?! That went really well didn't it?


Why are you not happy that the Glazers are already taking steps to reduce the debt (again) since that is precisely what you claim to want? What type of ownership structure do you want and how will this campaign achieve that? What exactly do you need fans to do and to what end?


Frankly, all you seem interested in is whipping up feelings of hatred towards the Glazers, as if that is a worthy goal in itself rather than a means to an end. Is that the case or is there an actual strategy here that I am missing? You call us "pro Glazer" - why is that? Because we choose to wear the club's actual colours? Or because we don't incessantly b*tch about the owners?


You don't qualify or back up anything you say and, frankly, I find your attitude offensive. What is it you want from us and why do you believe you deserve our respect? You've done nothing to earn it from what I've seen/read.

The simple fact is, we haven't declined in the way MUST said we would. Some may sight the fact that we aren't competing with the likes of Man city for players or that Barcelona, are currently the best team in the world, as a sign that there is no money in the club, and that the Glazers are bleeding us dry.

I'm not pro-Glazer, and I'm not anti-MUST, it's important the fans, who pay for the club to exist, by paying for match day tickets, replica shirts, sky subscription have a voice, and are recognised by the clubs owners as being the bedrock of the club. But, the arguements are getting more and more invalid, and after the green and gold debacle, many fans who would normally support MUST's ideas, have turned away from them and their over zealous membership.

AlwaysARed could not have put it any clearer
Thank you
I agree that the anti-glazer debate is more nuanced than how Ive put it and I have noticed that a lot of the bile from shall we say,friends of the management,is directed against MUST personnel and tactics and nothing is said against IMUSA or the fanzines.None of these groups are going away or going to change their pro fan power stance however you define what that power should be so maybe the FOM should develop a reason why they are wrong.As for redmistys points its ironic that you have scousers and nolhman on your side of the debate and you think Im wumming.Im just a conduit for the debate so go to the links at the usual sites for an indepth look at the issues.

I didn't think you were wumming, Nobby but I'm starting to wonder.... Perhaps you just aren't very good at reading? You still haven't said anything worth listening to despite the fact that you have been encouraged to do so by several people on this thread. How can you blame us for concluding that you have nothing of interest or significance to say? I'm now starting to believe you are a wum because you've had 3 pages to make an interesting point and have failed to do so...


Do you actually have a point to make or was I spot on in what I said previously? Still waiting for you to make an argument...I won't hold my breath though as you will no doubt brush aside my comment with some dumbass "Glazer lover" jibe.


Either answer my questions or admit that you are a wum and jog on. Even you must surely realise that you are achieving nothing here. Frankly, it is people like you that make me think MUST is full of idiots. If that was what you intended to achieve then well done, good job. If you are trying to convince us to join MUST then you are the worst possible advert for the organisation and they'd do well to get rid of you if they want to be taken seriously.

Nobby, I'm not wumming at all, don't forget, LFC fans have been through the mill with their previous owners too.  All of the tension and friction did nothing for anyone, the club, players, managers, old owners or fans we all lost something last year, that was far more important to us than winning 'stuff'.  If I thought must were doing anything other than selling some norwich scarves, some badges and dividing your club, I'd say so.



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