MUST launch this new campaign today which is styled as a rebirth of the Green and Gold campaign.As they say "The only thing we want to lose this season is the debt".Show your support at tonights game and visit the MUST site to keep up to date during our TWENTY winning season!

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They are a sham and a disgrace.

Their vision is to secure meaningful permanent ownership of MUFC by suppoerters. So they think the best thing for the biggest sporting brand on the planet is for it to be owned by some sort of fans quorum!



As I thought none of the you will come out and attack IMUSA or the fanzines for helping promote the anti-glazer fightback.Just want to have a dig at must who is one part of a fans coalition.Thanks to nolhman once again for proving why the fans groups are right.Can we have a few more scousers on too just to underline it?

Nobby, the overwhelming numbers of match going fans disagree with you and MUST.


I'm not criticising IMUSA as I haven't seen what they've done yet, why would I avoid criticising them? Same with the fanzines, indeed there a new fanzine last night called Red Army which is frankly shocking.


I understand you're not the brightest spark in the engine and you have admitted struggling to get your point over.


I also not you are indeed UTD 4 EVER and his other guises from 606. Demonstrated by that strange knack of not leaving a space after a full stop. Remember when you said we'd all be proved wrong about the Red Knights? How did that one work out?

I'm not going to get involved in the argument. Only thing I would say is that I don't think Nobby is UTD 4 EVER as UTD 4 EVER posted anti Glazer articles to the point of spamming, whereas Nobby doesn't seem to do that. I might be wrong though (and probably am).

It is him Merry, only person I ever saw on 606 who neglected to leave a space after a full stop.


And when you add the intellect situation and his views then it's too much of a coincidence.


Anyway, will be fun to watch the regular 3 monthly implosions.

I might start not leaving spaces after full stops now, just to throw a spanner in the works!
I've not mentioned IMUSA because I have no knowledge of them. Not heard of them before you piped up!

The Glazers are looking to recoup some of the debt by selling shares in the Asian marker and they have just got a sponsorship deal for the training kits, the first of it's kind.  On top of that, you have won league cups, league titles, the champions League, etc since the Glazers have been around plus you have spent a large amount of money in two or three of the transfer windows  too.  I think these protest groups need a re-assessment!

These protest groups need to show their support, not protest. It has come to the point, they are wanting the club to fail, to prove a point. Quite sad really.

The glazers have been around for over six years and have witnessed several protests in forms of marches, clothing, etc and none of it as worked.  I think they have proved that they are not going anywhere, especially as a result of the fans actions.


Liverpool got to this stage (although it was the same with the protest groups still) after a couple of years.  the only action taken that hurt the owners was the contact with various banks with withdrawal threats to stop the providing the owners with new loans.  That didn't stop them, just prolonged it enough to enforce the sale.



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