MUST launch this new campaign today which is styled as a rebirth of the Green and Gold campaign.As they say "The only thing we want to lose this season is the debt".Show your support at tonights game and visit the MUST site to keep up to date during our TWENTY winning season!

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JOG ON mate!!!
Nobody is going to fall into your trap!
Try some other forum/Website.
Nice to see Old Trafford was a sea of Red and White last night!!!
Yeah great result for the shirts and a few free scarfs are a nice touch to "connect" with the fans.Of course all the organised fans groups arent going to melt into glazers arms so it will be business as usual for IMUSA,Fanzines and MUST.I notice too that Ive got the keyboard chant of "jog on" to add to my silly list.I aint going nowhere.Been going to watch United since the second division Red Army years.Followed them all over europe,germany,spain,italy,romania etc and the world,ie japan.I was even on the payroll at united as a safety steward for a few seasons so Ive paid my dues for my views.If you dont like it then you "jog on".

You believe you've paid you dues, though not necessary as anyone is allowed to express an opinion, although the more informed it is the better. The problem people have with regard to you and this campaign is that you fail to answer their questions and you don't actually say much of any value. If you answered people's questions and told us what you were hoping to achieve and by what means, then people would take you more seriously and perhaps enter into a reasoned discussion with you!!!

No I dont "believe" Ive paid my dues I HAVE paid them and I dont object to people expressing an opposing view at all.As Ive said MUST,IMUSA,Fanzines all put the view better than myself and I post only to start the discussion.Its a shame no one from the anti-glazer groups has come on yet but you can visit their sites.One thing I have noticed about the responses of people on here is its all anti-must and no criticism of IMUSA or United fanzines who are in a loose coalition together.Why is that?

See that poster up top Nobby, is it by IMUSA? No, it's by MUST and it's those kind of tactics many find childish and distasteful.


Like I've said, how do MUST know George Best, a dead man, would be happy with his image used to encourage United supporters to wear green and yellow? It's out of order.

I admit that I've not studied business etc (well done Nolhman and others on your recent results) and I do not have as keen an interest on this subject as others, basically because from what I can see the club is being run just fine, but I do find it disappointing that you start a thread like this but then refuse to engage in a considered arguement?

Coupled with the absence of any similar like-minded individuals as yourself on here, it just doesn't entice me to check out the websites you're promoting. Shame really, cos I might have learnt something.

Yes, I think it's awful. It's concluding that George Best would have wanted people to wear green and yellow, it's totally disrespectful to assume what a dead mans opinions are and use them for your own cause.


took the words right out of my mouth

Exactly.They'll get sued.

I am very happy people are not supporting that joke organisation on here. People have seen sense, back in 09/10, I was slated for not having any support for them. They are joke and they can only do harm to our club, they have no real plan to oust the Glazers and the Glazers just see them as a joke. Glazers have a long term plan and will make Utd near enough debt free. Furthermore, we all have seen their powers in the commercial sector of the business. They are going to make Utd a money making machine and that is their sole aims. It is a business and the Glazers don't want to asset strip us and ruin us as a business. They want to maximize profits. They will also make available Ferguson and any future managers transfer money. They are fantastic owners and one of the main reasons we have been a great success under them. This is not simply a coincidence, they have allowed Ferguson to basically run the club and dip his hand into any transfer money he needs to improve the team. Our manager has expressed the same, if MUST want to say Ferguson is a liar, well they lose even more credibility. Everything they said would happen has not happened, I thought Utd would have melted away by now and I thought we would not compete? I mean we have spent near enough a 100m. Is that not money?




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