After reading Clev will be out until Christmas, Hargo's 90 minutes for City (where's he gone now) and what seems to be a few seasons now of having a lot of injuries around the squad, I was wondering if it might not be coincidence. I'm sure United had some of the best doctors and physios possible, but if it was just something subtle in the training regime that maybe made players more susceptible to injuries?


Probably nothing in it. but anyone know if Clev has had recurring injury problems before? Or the twins before we signed them?

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cleverley got injured twice last season at wigan and so did welbeck, they managed to play only 20+ games (which is decent though). Have no idea about the twins though.

was cleverley rushed back into first team action against everton btw??? or was he fully fit cuz his ankle seems to have gotten worse.
We need to invest on a central midfielder in January if we want to keep our hopes for the title and CL alive. I am sure Fergie must definitely being eyeing a midfielder.
Anybody who feels that this current bunch will take us to trophies is probably deluded.
Cleveley has been injury prone and so has Danny boy.

This current bunch won the league last season and will do so again this season.

Scholes was a bit part player last season so losing him isn't a blow. Yes we've had injuries but there's no guarantee that any new signing would have the impact required. We have good young players and they should be given a chance. Chequebook management doesn't guarantee long term succes



The list continues to grow...



Da Silva twins (thought I saw one on the bench, but if he was fit surely he would've played)








and it's not the first time this has happened over the past few years. I read somewhere that Young averaged 36 PL games a season for Villa and Hargreaves has played more for City in a few months then he did for us in a few years.


Thank God we've only got to play Blackburn next.


P.S Owen as well, but whatevs...

Hargreaves? Are you sure about that?

Think so, he's started 2 games for them and made 1 sub appearance, in his last 2 seasons with us I think just 1 start (lasted 5 mins) and 2 sub apps.



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