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This bumper thread maybe rather optimistic considering the quotes coming from Fergie lately BUT United do have issues that need resolving. So if you've seen or heard a little bit of gossip, share it here and we can all tell you just how wrong you are.

Issues that need immediate attention are RB and probably the need for 2 CMs.

With Vidic out for the season the need will be greater for Smalling and Jones to fill in at CB (I say fill in, thats actually their position). This leaves us thin at RB and CM where these players were covering. We have lost Fletch for the season and we wish him all the best in his recovery and hope he comes out fighting next season. Clev and Anderson are out until the new year which I can guarantee will be Fergie's excuse for not getting a CM come Feb 1st with no new CM.

Players rumoured to join in United in Jan:

Rodwell, Sneijder (that old chestnut), Gaitan, L.Diarra, Javi Garcia, G.Cahill, Jetro Willems, Milo Krasic, Nathaniel Clyne (yep, me niether), Mateo Kovacic, Rasmus Elm.

Some of these players may solve our problems, IMO most wont. The more you get involved the bigger this list will become, I'll try my best to keep it updated.

So..... What have you heard?

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Here, TalkSport draw comparisons to United team crashing out the Champs Lge in 2005 to winning it 2008 to the current Ujnited team and how Fergie could build a squad to win the Champs Lge @ Wembley 2013.

Their suggestions;

Jordi Alba, Mario Gotze, Sami Khedira, Neven Subotic.

lol we all know darn well Fergie wont go out 'all foriegn'

Fergie will always build his team around british players.

I think two CM's would be very risky, especially in a title chasing sason.  You would be putting two newly arriving player sinto the engine room and hoping they both hit the ground running.  Obviously, they don't both have to play straight away, but if your going to splash the cash then you would have thought they would.

Of course, the other side of the coin is if one or both didn't play all the time, would it cause unrest in the dressing room if they're unhappy?

We've just lost Fletch so I think we need an experienced CM that should hit the ground running (eg De Rossi/Schweinsteiger) and a young CM that will flourish in the coming years (Eg Shaqiri/Goetze).

I think its more likely we'll sign either Rodwell or Barkley,or maybe both.

Everton unfortunetly need the cash.Maybe 20/30 million for both?

Why Rodwell, just why, he is trash. Average at best and NOT needed! There are far better young players out there. Why pay a huge fee for an average talent! Just why? 

Well Fergie rates Rodwell and I'm hearing he rates Barkley too.

Plus Ferguson would always buy british/english above foriegn talents.

I like Rodwell,I think he has talent but give me a choice of Goetze or Rodwell,then its obvious I'll choose the German prodigy.But if you give the same question to Fergie then I beleive he'll go for the brit.

You look at the middle of midfield of Ferguson teams over the course of his tener at United then they all point to a british pairing or basis.





The only obvious exception is Anderson,and he isnt exactly making great strides.

Ferguson has tried and failed with foriegn players like Veron,Djemba-Djemba and Kleberson,while Miller of scotland is an huge exception to the rule.

If we did go into the market, would he go for experience considering we are chasing and will need cool heads, I doubt he'll sign any young players as he can promote from within, they will probably need to not be cuptied for europe, more than likely english based, so if they are thrown in at the deep end, they'll hopefully adapt quicker.

Maybe a raid of Everton for Rodwell/Jagielka maybe Cahill?

I've always thought that Cahill (now 32) could have played at a top club. So I'm abit suspicious as to why none of the big clubs have ever gone in for him.

Yeah, it's a strange one. Guess he might love Everton to much to leave and they've never really needed to sell him. Could being an Australian count against him too?


This Valencia & Krasic thing, I think the whole thing is Juve coming up with a scenario they like and then spreading rumours about that.

Rodwell has improved a lot recently in my opinion, people forget he's still young, 20. To be fair he's done more than Cleverley who is now a demi-god, and he's two years younger.

Can't see us going for Barkley though, sounds a strange one. 



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