Roll Up, Roll Up.

This bumper thread maybe rather optimistic considering the quotes coming from Fergie lately BUT United do have issues that need resolving. So if you've seen or heard a little bit of gossip, share it here and we can all tell you just how wrong you are.

Issues that need immediate attention are RB and probably the need for 2 CMs.

With Vidic out for the season the need will be greater for Smalling and Jones to fill in at CB (I say fill in, thats actually their position). This leaves us thin at RB and CM where these players were covering. We have lost Fletch for the season and we wish him all the best in his recovery and hope he comes out fighting next season. Clev and Anderson are out until the new year which I can guarantee will be Fergie's excuse for not getting a CM come Feb 1st with no new CM.

Players rumoured to join in United in Jan:

Rodwell, Sneijder (that old chestnut), Gaitan, L.Diarra, Javi Garcia, G.Cahill, Jetro Willems, Milo Krasic, Nathaniel Clyne (yep, me niether), Mateo Kovacic, Rasmus Elm.

Some of these players may solve our problems, IMO most wont. The more you get involved the bigger this list will become, I'll try my best to keep it updated.

So..... What have you heard?

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Diame from Wigan wouldn't be a bad buy for you boys. A strong hold midfield who can use the ball and is mobile enough to get up and down.

You need a prolific scorer to allow Rooney do what Yorke used to do... Hernandez ain't it, he can't link play anywhere near as well as Cole used to, and Andy Cole wasn't the greatest footballer on the planet...



Nani Rooney Young

Carrick Jones

Evra Vidic Ferdinand Smalling

Woohoooo, the 100th comment!

To business, actual business, at United! Darren Gibson is leaving for Toffees, thats not the transfer fee but the club, Everton. It was reported for £1.5Mil then was corrected to an initial £500K with add-ons taking it to the reported £1.5Mil. Surely Fergie cannot let a another CM go without replacing him, either by youth or spending? We are down to the bare bones as it is in CM with Fletch and Clev long term absentees which propted the return of Scholesey.

If the replacement is through youth its may not be with Morrison. According to various papers Newcastle are planning a second 'bid', not sure the 1st was a bid, I'd read it was a 'preliminary enquiry'. They seem to have chosen their timing well as reports suggest United and Ravel not the best of buddies right now.

ps I wish Gibbo all the best.

I know they are only rumours but if Newcastle are bidding again. That seems to suggest we may have given them the impression there is room for negotiation, surely?

@CP_Vaughan - If you want to follow.

Already i've heard people blaming Fergie/United for Ravels behaviour.Sad but true.

Personally if Ravel hasnt got the behaviour of a profesional footballer now,he wont ever have it.

He seems like the type of lad you couldnt trust £10 with let alone the money he is supposedly asking for.

Only 1.5 mil with add ons? Am I missing something here, Gibson wasnt the best in the world but he was surely worth more than that unless his contract was running down? Unless maybe he was a make weight for us to get Rodwell a bit cheap (like the Gillespie to Newcastle when we got Andy Cole)? lol

Yeah the Rodwell situation did arise in my mind regarding this transfer.

If we are interested in Rodwell then it'll be common sense to have some form of 'gentlemans agreement' shall we say.

This is irelavant if you rate Rodwell or not,if we are interested in him then this makes perfect sense.



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