RDM sacked.

Here we go again Big fat greedy man, Mr Potatoe head and all the rest of the no marks.

Oh dear when will the torture end?

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1 Down how many more to come and go this season ?

This one i do agree with as it never worked out for RDM and after the big spend in the transfer window the Dr wanted a better run of result's than we got with RDM in charge .

Who next ?

I would like either Bruce , Pearson or Smith .

The interesting gossip doing the round's is that Ryan Gigg's may be given the chance to cut his managerial teeth at Villa , Could work out but i would go for someone who has experience as a manager .



I have no idea who it will be. Potato head would be the obvious choice, but do we want his turgid style of play?

We need, as someone else wrote, an attack minded boss as we have the most fire power of any team outside of the PL. Let's do a Keegan Newcastle or a Klinsmann Spurs, you score 4 we'll get 5!! It can't get any worse!!

For me whoever comes in needs to make Ayew pass the ball to his team mates and get rid of Westwood.

I only hope we get it right this time, but I've hoped that for the last 5 appointments!!

Whatever happens VTID

Bruce actually got Hull playing some good football in the Championship so I wouldn't be so quick to shoot him down. He adapted his style of play to the players he had, he didn't try and make them play in a way they couldn't just because that was how he wanted them to. He'd sort us out defensively as Hull were well organised. 

I'd prefer David Wagner but if it is Bruce then that wouldn't be the end of the world. Why would anyone want Pearson after what's gone on at Derby? He needs to be out for a few months so people start to forget his time there.

They're not going to get rid of Westwood yet, we've not got enough CMs, a stupid oversight by the recruitment team. All we need is to play him in a 3 and he'll be fine, he plays well in that system but struggles as a 2. 

All these people saying they'd have Tim back are absolutely laughable. Shouldn't be going backwards, hopefully Brian Little will talk Xia out of that one.

I agree you should never but never go back, it would be a mistake to appoint Tim again, although I feel he didn't get a great break at Villa.

Mr Potato Head - no thanks

Its fine saying play Westwood in a three but that means another area of the team is down one. If the team set up requires two then one of them cannot be Westwood, he is simply not good enough.

I would be happy with Wagner, we need a change from these also rans.

Really thought that the new set up was better than this, its a merry go round!

But none of our midfielders work in a 2 which is why it has to be a 3. We needed one more CM for the Championship and one that was mobile like Gueye was, we didn't so we're hampered now. The midfield not being packed enough is what has cost us these last minute points. It was too easy for Forest to walk through the middle of the park. We played a 3 man midfield against Newcastle in 2nd half and it was probably the best half of football we've played all season, we dominated a team that will probably get automatic promotion.

Nothing wrong with playing a 3 man midfield as it'd allow our front line to be flexible and constantly moving. You could play wide (Ayew, Adomah/Grealish on wings with Kodjia/McCormack/Gestede up middle) or more narrow (McCormack in behind 2 strikers for example). We don't have many natural wide men that can play in a 4-4-2 mean it ended up being a 4-2-4 and we were massively exposed. 

Wagner, Garcia or Bruce would be good. Not Giggs

Life is always interesting at Villa!

Don't fancy any of the names being touted in the media. Neither, I suspect, will Xia. He is ambitious.

I'd go for Allerdyce, way above the other candidates being talked about. He didn't get the England job for nothing. If not him, and there's nobody good not been mentioned yet, I'd stick with Clarke. Decent manager, seamless transition.

I would probably have said yes to Allardyce - however if the FA are investigating him and his activities then I can't see him getting back into management in the foreseeable future. Re Clarke as manager - seamless is good if things are going well at the club- however it isn't - and if seamless means more of the same then no thanks. I always find it quite strange when your Manager gets sacked for poor results - and his No. 2 takes over - who surely has to take some of the blame!

I don't see how Clarke can improve things, surely he's had input into the team selection and I'd hazard a guess from being at games that he's in charge of training the defensive unit as he's always working with them in warm ups. 

When you go down to a 1man midfield and 5 strikers, that's the management team going for that. Clarke if he had a brain would've said I think we need to pack the midfield to allow us to control midfield and get decent possession for our forwards and told RDM it was suicide. 

Looking like Wagner is unsure about going to Villa so it'll probably be Bruce. If he gets results, gets the team looking defensively solid and in good shape then I'll have no issues. His Hull side was made up of fairly average players but he got them playing decent football in the Championship and they were tough to beat. If he can do that for us and stop us conceding late goals and crumbling then I'm all up for supporting him. Also maybe he'll ask for the price of pies at the ground to come down ;)

Highly unlikely i'm afraid due to economies of scale. Bruce would likely eat most of the pies - making them is short (crust) supply and so therefore driving up their price.

But the number 2 can also take some of the credit. We can all see that there is potential in this team, that they should be doing better, much better than they are. That is down to coaching, Clarke and Bond in other words. 

I'm not sure how much input either actually had in team selection. Keane didn't have much say, if any, when he was number 2 to Lambert; said afterwards he couldn't see why Bent wasn't being picked.

I think it was RDM who picked the team, decided the tactics, and chose the substitutions; the rest, staff and players, fitted in with what he said. It was also RDM on the touch line; Clarke would have been a far more active figure.

I've always rated Clarke as a solid manager and a very good coach; I think he could do the job pretty well. Anyway, he now has a chance to show what he can do.

Hello mcp

Agree about Clarke to a degree........

Bond is f****** useless.

Bruce or Allardyce.

I would go for Wagner but then I would have kept Garde so what do I know?

If it's to be Bruce or Allardyce then our torture will continue, think I'll take up golf and I hate that.

If it's not to be Wagner give Clarke a go until the end of the season.



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