I still hate them and their cheap suits!

Prove me wrong V man, spend some cash! 

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I am mutually assessing them. I'm Giving them till September before I make my decision.
The guy with the ponytail, have you thought he looks a little bit like Barry White?
Can't say I have, but the next time I see him in a cheap jacket without a shirt, I'll have "Let's get it on" playing in my head. Thanks for that.
They are thinking of selling Super Keith Super Leith...

Good topic headline. Have those Injuns splashed their Rupees yet?


I'm going to break this quickly-thrown-together-opportunist site in like a new pair of shoes. But I might give up on it if there's no action. Or porn. Can you swear on this forum? Arse, C*, Yes, you can it seems.

No really naughty swearing apparently, oh and I've got a verucca, be warned! 
Pedersen sucks
and swallows!
I live in Manchester City Centre and we often see Pederson about.  Seems like a nice boy.
You need to follow his blog gamst.co.uk the man is a genius.

Just had a look, that 'About' section is very touching ;)


I have some Scandanavian family and they're all nutters.



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