That no messages on here since 05/11/2017 that the faithful few have now decided that we are resigned to the fact that with this clowns management we are gonna have another season struggling to even compete with the top 6 six in our division but even with mid table teams who can nullify our so called managers only one way of playing football !

Cmon you so called Villa faithful you must agree that this idiot of a Bruce must go - I think that most agree that we have probably the best equipped squad in this league !!


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Go back to your ouzo and stop complaining!

Although must agree that faith in Steve is in short supply. His squad is good enough to get him out of trouble, but still think he's getting nowhere near the best out of them.

After this break we ought to be on fire. But we always seem to slump after breaks and I suspect we will again. Bruce ought to change things around, give the internationals like Jedi and Whelan a rest, but he won't.

Maybe no posts since Nov 5 has more to do with tedious International football and less to do with us not loving Bruce.

Jedi did well last night for Australia and played 2 full games in a week. He will need to be rested at the weekend in my view, but after that, if he stays fit, should be a regular again.

I am still hopeful that we will minimum make the play offs despite Bruce. Who knows we might even make the top 2 with a bit of luck.

He has decisions to make, Terry is out and Kodjia too(?), so this is the test. Onwards and upwards or out the door at Christmas?

We will see.....

It’s hard enough getting enthusiastic about Villa under Bruce, so international week is mega boring.

Nevertheless I’ll go for a win today I think we are playing that Holloway blokes team but I am watching Arsenal v Spurs followed by England v Oz so I don’t really care what’s going on. Desperately need an uplift from Villa before I die of boredom.

3 points, 26 shots!! We know we will lose to Sunderland, then the moaners can kick off again.

Only 1 19 year old striker, but we do have Uncle Albert!

I'm still hoping for the best..........

3 points are 3 point's no matter how we get them .

Play off position is starting to slowly look more of a reality let's hope we can keep on going and hope to get a even better outcome come season's end .



Think there's more confidence around, and that should help a lot. QPR was a good win, one we had to make to avoid slipping away from the top.

Was in hospital for a couple of days and managed to crawl out of my bed of pain and find the result. Well, to be honest, no pain, just laying it on a bit :-)

Get well soon mate, hopefully another 3 points v Sunderland will aid recovery!

Not only MacP it will make us all feel better. Didn’t the Hospital provide a live link for you Mac?

No live link on my bit of the ward; do hospitals provide live links? Would be good if they do. The op was fine (removal of uretic stent between kidney and bladder plus some bits of stones, removal of stent produced immediate improvement), but temp was high so was mostly stuck under a fan to cool me down, so couldn't move too far.

First time we've produced a good performance after a break.

Another 3 points, should make you feel better. If we can keep this run going with all the players out, we will be in good shape come crunch time!

Don't have a relapse because one of us is positive!!!

Good win last night .

Not saying anything about turning the corner and looking like promotion material as every time i do we always end up getting a run of bad result's .





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