Video: Song and video tribute to the daft faces of Manchester United's Phil Jones

We get sent some funny and strange things at Sport Witness and some stand out. Like this video Tweeted to our Annie Eaves this afternoon.

Jim Daly likes football. Jim Daly likes music. Jim Daly likes making football songs. In his own words "A man. A microphone. A love of football. A complete lack of singing ability."

We think that's unkind, there is a little singing ability. Just a little.

We were sent a video which is a music tribute to the funny faces that Manchester United's Phil Jones makes. Jim tells us it's in a country and western style, we'd let him be the judge on that.



It's not the only video Jim has made and you need to check out the rest on his blog and make sure you follow him on Twitter.

Not sure about you but we at Sport Witness can see Jim, a guitar and the judges from Britain's Got Talent meeting up sometime soon. And why on Earth not! 


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