Zola resigns after a terrible run.

Wins for Blackburn and Forest could see Blues in bottom 3 when we play them on Sunday. Who would have thought that when they were flying high under Rowett?

We need to win for bragging rights.

What do you guys reckon?

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Players at the villa need to play for the fans also the big contracts that they earn.

If sending our rivals down is not incentive enough to make them play then they shouldn't wear the famous shirt at one of the grandest stadiums still around in the world of plastic stadiums.

I just hope Bruce can find a shape that works well as I am still jury out on the man and his style with 3 games left.

Now they have appointed Arry we really need to pull it out big style.

Bruce troubles me it could go either way, I have no clue what his plan is in any one match, Bree was getting murdered on Monday but it was midway through the second half before he took him off.

As I have said he'll probably get us promoted eventually if I don't die of boredom beforehand.

Well JDHS would you care to explain your logic behind 'he'll probably get us promoted eventually'

Bruce was employed to do a specific job - stop the rot - which he has done admirably !

& has saved us from further relegation but we are at present a below average mid table championship side that is going nowhere with the tactics & team selection he employs, they have certainly worked with lesser teams - not at Villa tho ?

Had our top scorer not performed as he has then we would without doubt be already relegated !

This is a similar scenario to the Benteke one & he left for pastures new, so have we gone forward ? we all know that answer don't we ?

If you think that avoiding relegation is going forward then your forward thinking of promotion is purely blind optimism.

Bruce is a very experienced manager maybe a bit long in the tooth but even he can see these problems & should be wise enough to change his lifelong pre-conceptions of the difference between getting promotion with not getting beaten boring football to moving towards playing attacking football - everybody & his dog knew how Bruce plays his teams - we are thankful that we are still a championship side ! BUT we do not need another change of manager just this one to maybe adapt to different ideology - I am sure he can - If he wants too ??  

I wasn't and still am not a fan of Bruce but he was appointed on his record of 4 promotions. He doesn't inspire me with his teams or formations but I do believe he will get us promoted as I said eventually. Against that life as always has moved on and it's clear that all the crap about this being a difficult league to get out of is disproved by all these foreign managers who nobody has heard of being successful such as the bloke at Fulham. None of them have Villas budget, just look at Brighton.

If Bruce was sacked at the end of the season I wouldn't shed any tears. What really frustrates me is the players who play well before we get them suddenly become hesitant and out of confidence. That's clearly down to Bruce whether or not he had a part in their signings.

As I said if I was the Doc I would want my money back.

Zola going will probably give Blues a massive boost. 'arry might make that less of a boost. But think they'll be up for this one.

Think our players will be committed. But I'm losing confidence in Bruce's ability to get a performance which reflects the quality of players we undoubtedly have. The players bought in January were either his choice or at least met his approval, but only Johnson and maybe Lansbury are anywhere near what we hoped. Bree and Hourihane seem to have lost confidence; can't tell with Hogg because of injuries.

Think we've done all we can in terms of going for the right players. We need Bruce and the coaches to get the right performances out of the them.

I expect a frantic game on Sunday low on quality. Which team will nick the critical goal? Could be blues.

Cant watch the game, cant listen to the game as its blocked on every station I can find. I am watching it on the slowest update feed known to man or beast.

Sounds, rather reads like a shocker with villa showing as much as an attacking force as an Italian tank formation in WW2.

no attempts on goal so far. I know its a Derby game but we have to be more up for it than this.

RIP to the big man.

Gabby 1 - 0 Blues.

You couldn't make it up...

Gabby!  You can't make this up!!

Can Gabby please leave now. He has his dignity back as well as Hero status again.

Job done ,youth team out against Blackburn next week with the away fans jumping for joy with Blackburn fans when they and Huddersfield, who really need a win now, score.

Oh to send them down after the stick they gave us last season.



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