First home game, I hope we have enough. A little worried that Kodjia is out, leaves us a little light up front if Wesley is shut out.

We need to get lots of goals from midfield this season.

Sold out Villa Park, a great place to be when things are going well!! You know what I mean!

Similar team to last week, maybe Douglas comes in for Hourihane? Trez ahead of Jota, or do we drop El Ghazi?I'll be watching from a ship in Australia.

Let's hope for 3 points.


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Think he'll make a few changes, to improve the cutting edge up front and the attack in general, but not too many. I'm sure he'll go for attack. I reckon Guilbert in for Elmo, Jota on the right wing and Trezeguet on the left wing would do it.

Nothing is certain and all matches are a challenge in the PL, but I'm going for a win.

No points so far then ... sigh!!  To make one bad mistake is bad enough, but two! Very difficult to come back from that. We can't do with that sort of thing. Otherwise we had a decent game. But ... no points!

I fully expected to win that, I think Bournemouth were lucky to play us at this time, we are a new team in the top division and I have faith in Dean to make it good.

Having watched all of the EPL matches this weekend I am struggling to find any positives to suggest we will survive this season

Very early days yet .

Disappointed yes but if we can stop making the stupid mistakes then we would have had 4 points on the board already .

To me after two games far to early to be mentioning relegation .

The time for concern would be after 10 games plus if we saw no improvement .



I have only seen highlights of the 2 games, I will get to watch the full Everton game on Friday. We need to get some points on the board quickly.

I hope Deano can inspire a big performance on Friday against a decent Everton side.

No stupid mistakes please.

Agreed Rizla - nobody thought this baptism to the big time was going to be easy !

We are lacking a goal scoring forward - we cannot rely solely on the midfield to get us out of trouble

Wesley may come good ! not overly convinced - maybe expected to much after Tammy  ?

The other 2 promoted teams have these forwards & so far look good - hopefully DS will rectify in the Jan transfer window - by then we will have found a formation to defend without silly mistakes.

I maybe expected to much but will try to stay optimistic  !!

I don’t think its a question of staying optimistic, we have the basis of a fine team it just needs a little time to settle. A win or two is all it takes and I am sure that Wesley will prove himself once he gets a proper service. It’s a comparison to Benteke in some ways, he was terrific for Villa and I was sorry to see him go but whatever his short comings Lambert knew how to get the best from him, something all managers since have failed to do.

Once Dean provides Wesley with the service that suits him I am confident he will be a great success. For me Jota is the man to unlock it for Wesley.

Onwards and upwards, 3 points from the Toffee’s

Think you're right JD. We're not attacking with the same sharpness as we were, due to players getting used to the PL and the team. We're not doing badly; the main elements of our game are visible but not flourishing, especially down the wings.

Once that happens then I reckon service to Wesley will improve as a matter of course.



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