After the first half against West Brom i'm feeling pretty confident (or deluded, either/or!)

If we can score early we will shut their crowd up and we have alot of fire power, its the other end i'm more worried about

Nursey thinks we will win 4-1, I can definitely see us conceeding though....

C'mon Villa !!!!!!!!!!

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Im going for a 4-1 

you been on that wacky backy? lol


The team is....


Lowton Vlaar Clark Bennett

Ireland Bannan Delph Nzogbia

Gabby Benteke

Think it will be more like this to be honest umma 


Lowton    Vlaar          Clark     Bennett 

           Ireland  Delph   Bannan

N'Zogbia          Benteke        Gabby        

Anyone know a decent link where I won't be fighting adds all night

Good luck!

You and your curses!

6 mins played and already bannan is pissing me off with floated deliveries and shite hollywood passing.

Starting to lose faith in Lambert now. 2nd half performance was utter dross yet again. What the fuck did he say to them at half time. 

Conceded a goal from a set piece yet again. What exactly do we do on the training pitch all week?

Finally i don't know what formation we played after we conceded the equaliser but we had no width in our play whatsoever. Fucking well pissed off. So many fucking chances and couldn't finish them off.

we were pretty crap 2nd half alright. oh well. at least we wont do a Birmingham. We may just be able to stay up now, as we wont be distracted. have to concentrate on the positives, everyone :-(

What positives would they be,plenty of attention from the press for sponsorship company due to the humiliation,or we beat a struggling 4th tier team in injury time!

I am really disappointed at conceding at another corner yet again.. we must be breaking records for goals conceded at set pieces.

but to be fair we were doing that last year and the year before too.. 

for some reason, we cannot defend a set piece for 2/3 years with 3 different keepers 2 completely different defenses and 3 managers ? 

I am baffled 

I am gutted to lose this but the damage was done in the first leg really. you would think we could keep a league 2 team out but no . 

at the same time .. sigh ... the League has to be our priority  if were a straight choice, i would take the league survival every time 



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