It''s about to start, a season high in expectation and probably high in agony (it's already started for Jack). Looking forwards to this opener with Hull; you can get tired of endlessly speculating. Hull are in a mess. They have sold a large number of players; maybe they've found good replacements who can gel instantly, but the odds are against it. So we ought to get something out of it. How good we are, how effective the pre-season has been, we'll only know on the day; we've not exactly set things alight in pre-season, but there have been pluses and the new signings could make a big difference.

So, how will it pan out? I'd be inclined to play two up front, as in:-

Johnstone or Steer

Hutton Chester Terry Taylor

Elmo  Whelan Lansbury Green

Gabby Hogan

Maybe Gabby isn't scoring that much, but based in pre-season he's looked lively, fast and confident and could be a handful for defenses. That should make opportunities for Hogan.

However, I'm not Bruce, and he hasn't played Hogan and Gabby together at all in pre-season, in fact he doesn't seem keen on playing two strikers together. So, I suspect he'll play one striker plus a number 10, which in the absence of Grealish is probably Lansbury. Something like:-


Hutton Chester Terry Taylor

Elmo Whelan Bjarnason Green



Whatever, if the team clicks I can see us winning 2-0, maybe even 3-0. The worst result would be us banging away to no effect and then conceding a feeble goal, as per last season, so 0-1 to them, but as of now I don't see it. It'll be tough, but we can win this.


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I have to say the longer this goes on the less I understand it. Wasn't it Bruce who signed Hogan, Hourihane Bjarnason and Lansbury? I also remember Angel playing out of his skin until he got a new contract, is that what Flabby is up to in his last year?

Hogan has to play as in your second team otherwise what is the point of it all? Don't understand Bruce at all but look forward to promotion and a sacking next May.

If Flabby plays 0-0 or 0-1 if Hogan plays 1-0 or 2-0

We are watching you Bruce.

Tough crowd!

I can see Hull getting Nil, so we just need to get 1 right! Terry from a corner is my bet.

Nice one Bosko the eternal optimist !

One of us has to be!!

Just hope we can hit the ground running and keep it going all season .

No excuse's for Bruce now he has had a full pre season with his squad .

For me stuck on to lose if flabby get's anywhere near the pitch .



Team: Johnstone, Hutton, Terry, Chester, Taylor, Whelan, Lansbury, Elmohamady, Bacuna, Agbonlahor, Hogan

Bench: Steer, Samba, Hourihane, Bree, Onomah, Green, Bjarnason

I'll go with that. Might prefer Green instead of Bacuna.

Well McP would you suggest that's a team to win or to ensure that we do not concede ?

Plenty of option's on the bench to change thing's around a bit if needed .

Line up look's like it should be good enough have to wait and see if they put in a shift or not ? .

Hope they do nothing like getting first home win first game .



Gabby!!! 1-0. 7 minutes. We all knew he could do it. Err...didn't we?

i will have to say he is crap more often 

Say it again, we need a second!

Yep, we need to start finishing games off.



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