Looks like Lansbury will be in the team, and Baker may have recovered. If so, think I'll go for:


Hutton Baker Chester Amavi

Tshibola Jedinak Lansbury

Adomah Gabby Grealish

Preston are on a good run and are playing well; this will be a difficult match and we have to be on top form. If we are, I think we can keep them out and nick a goal from somewhere. IF.

Anything could happen.


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Yes this could go one of three ways. Preston beat the league leaders, Brighton, only last week, and they are certainly playing better than we are. I really hope that Andre Green is given a run out tomorroa, along with Ross McCormack. The reason I go for McCormack is that with Lansbury in the team (and I think Lansbury will start on the bench), maybe, just maybe we might look like creating something and with the right service, McCormack will, I still believe score goals. 

The team above just looks to have no goals in it. Gabby should be nowhere near the team, However, Bruce seems to like him.Again, we look wafer-thin, squad wise, and chronically short of goals. Lansbury improves things but we really need Hourihane and the return oif Kodjia and Ayew.

Hoping for a big win. Maybe one day it will happen.

I agree Lionbrad but to start I would go with Macs team except for his little joke, slipping Flabby in, you like your little joke don't you?

It has to be McCormack, with that new set up he has a chance of some service.

We can add Green after a while depending on how it goes.

PNE have to be favourites, only because they are scoring, so let's give it a go and leave Flabby to cut the half time oranges.

Wasn't joking, Johnny! McCormack hasn't looked at all fit when he's come on, moreover he's never really got into the game, and his free kicks (which he's supposed to be good at) have been pathetic. I seriously question his commitment. Whereas although Gabby has yet to find the net he seems to have got himself fit again and is definitely putting the effort in.

Well that team has me shocked, no Jedinak, no McCormack but Westwood and Flabby.

Does that mean McCormack is on his way?

Green included so it looks attacking other than Flabby.
2-0 at half time am I dreaming? Flabby scored both, yes I am dreaming now.

Adomah scored both must be a dream
2-2 ffs business as usual

Seems like a very good first half, totally dominant, then we went walkabouts. The first goal was poor, 4 players around their one and he gets a shot in. The second was worse; blatant free header from a corner.

Gabby had a good game, even if he didn't score; effectively created the first one. Defensive errors crept in again though. Jedinak absence?

We need those extra signings. Two points dropped. With Reading and Wednesday both losing a win would have been very useful.

Really disappointing to drop even more points from winning positions. But really, our hopes were buried last week at Wolves, if anyone's really honest. It's about pride and building for next season now. Brucie getting some of his own men in and yet more surgery in the summer.
If the likes of Lansbury, Adomah and Grealish (as well as hopefully Hourihane) can chip in with a few goals in the final games, then we can start to look forward to next season. Hopefully.

PS - I'm going to start a new thread on Brucie's comments about McCormack now. Very interesting.
Until today I still had hopes that we may make sixth place at least but now I am resigned to another season in this division.

If I was Bruce I wouldn't worry too much about signing anyone else and wait for the summer and get prem quality players for next season. Enough of this experienced championship players.

Very disappointed £50m plus spent and largely wasted.

If he can find the players I'd get them in now. We're rebuilding and we don't want it to drag on. We can still have a decent season even if we don't hit the promotion spots, and improved performances will give the club a lift and be something we can build on.

Here's the optimistic view. Although we dropped two points today we actually gained 1 point on the 4th, 5th and 6th teams. We're not out of it yet. A few of those teams above us are going to start dropping points. It's down to us. We could have got 3 points today and that's what we have to do. More signings could make the difference.



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