I have not be able to live stream matches - until today so me was expecting to watch the new villa exciting football ??

Well 1st half left me wondering how you see this s###e as being an improvement on last years 2nd rate efforts !

We are at present playing a side propping up the table ? we have no build up play to pierce their defence - you complain about Jack holding the ball - he holds it & thinks where can I pass - no movements no formation

surely a plan is set up on the training ground ??

I was able to switch to watch Norwich v Leeds & stayed there to watch football how it should be played !

We are stuck with this idiot of a manager - I cannot stop being a Villa supporter

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Absolute garbage yet again from a shite manager tactics !

I cannot help being a villa supporter but I refuse to get into any more discussions on this site whilst this prat is still in charge ! end of

Don’t be so negative Greek, Bruce will sign another couple of midfielders and two more wingers to sit on the bench that’ll put things right.

Cannot think of one positive the bloke is a menace to football 

Again, I did not see it, so am not qualified to give full analysis.

But what I can see online is:

We should have won, had enough chances.

Very soft penalty.

I was following (at 3am here on the ship) by text and said to myself with 5 minutes to go, I feel we need a second 1-0 is always dodgy.

Guys I am sorry to say Bruce is going nowhere unless we lose 3 or 4 in a row. I wouldn't mind a change, but it ain't going to happen. Unless the owners have a plan to replace him.

I don't want us to lose 3-4 in a row!

One of two things will happen. We have some good new signings. Things will click, and we'll build on the sort of performance we saw against Brentford.

Or we'll continue to put out disorganised sh*t mitigated by a few standout individual performances like today.

Don't ask me which. Couldn't care less about the cup match coming up but lose it and the negative vibes will be immense.

Bruce has every opportunity to make a go of this. But if he doesn't he'll be gone. I'll give him more time. But not a lot. Do wonder what our coaching setup is actually like though.

As it stands, we're still in a good position, 4th and only 4 points behind the leaders. That's partly because everybody else apart from Leeds and Middlesborough has found it difficult to maintain a consistent run. This league is hard. But it's a league we need to start dominating.

We need to sign another striker so Jimmy knows he has competition. The two new wingers should be good and (hopefully) will allow Elmo to go back and Tuanzebe into the centre so Jedi can return to midfield if we need him.

We should have killed Reading off today but we’re unbeaten without playing well (albeit against weaker teams) so hopefully it will click soon. If it doesn’t then Bruce will be gone. 

We do need two strikers

As for that Milk Cup wtf..... empty grounds players you,ve never heard of.

And as expected we lost :)  My sister could have taken a better penalty than that.

2 new strikers to watch as we hit long balls over them , or build up an attack so slow the strikers are marked out the game?

How can we keep playing so bad?

Do we not train or learn from the previous game?

I li

ke Bruce but the last 4 games have convinced me he isn't 

The man for the job.

We won't go up if we stay with him in a league that is ours to 


Shocked at how we are playing.

Were the owners watching? This has last season written all over it again. Probably the best squad. Bruce will get a result when he needs one, just enough to keep his job.

Does he not get embarrassed by performances like this?

He has said last nights game left him physically sick.

He picked the squad, he trains them and tells them how they will line up/ play etc, he also is the man to fire them up at half time when we are playing poor.

It's just not working out.

First season it was the calming things down at the club.An experienced coach just what was needed, so finishing 13th was accepted.Even then we were just off 6 th spot till that poor form killed us.

Second season we started poor when he was rumored to be a game away from the sack but got results to save him.

Let's not forget 2nd spot was in our own hands and not changing things killed that off.

Let's not talk about Wembley.

This season I have supported him to the hilt but we are just plodding in games.

Let's be honest we have had an easy start but are at least 4 pts off what we should have now with the squad we have? And that's before we got these 2 wingers in on loan.

The squad is in place to kick on.

Bruce I'm sorry to say can't do it.

Never mind we can now concentrate on the league.

Wonder what his next excuse will be, not enough wingers I expect as he has sent Green out on loan.

What a prat!



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