Anyone else a bit flabbergasted by this line up? Where's Bowery? Sylla? Helenius? Gardner? WHAT IS THE POINT IN HAVING THESE PLAYERS IF THEY CAN'T EVEN GET A GAME AGAINST SHEFFIELD UTD?! 

Really disappointed in Lambert tbh, especially since it sounds like we're getting outplayed playing our 1st XI (bar Steer for Guzan)

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I agree- not sure what Lamberts thinking is here unless he wants Benteke to get some game time before Arsenal. We should be playing the likes of Helenius, Bowery and Gardner to see what they can do and they can't do any worse than our starting 11 are doing at the moment!!

I've realised why he played Benteke now. I think he did it thinking he should be able to score a couple against Shef Utd which will massively help his confidence going into the Arsenal game. I remember that Swindon game where he bagged a brace and really kickstarted his season...instead he's missed a sitter which will shatter his confidence further. I can see the logic since he's not going to put Benteke in the reserves to get confidence.

However when DOES Helenius play? Since the reserves got changed to that 'u21' thing, I'm pretty sure Helenius never plays those games, so where's his game time? It's not even like he's a player that was already there and isn't Lambert's cup of tea. HE BLOODY SIGNED HIM! 

Losing hope rapidly now. I am almost ashamed to be a Villa fan. We cannot even play decent football against a Div 1 side at home! We should hang our heads in shame, and, yes, relegation definitely beckons.

It was bad under Mcleish but this is now of a similarly rubbish standard!

Pissed off to the max with Villa and Lambert!

Surprised by the lineup. The noises from Lambert beforehand seemed to be that with the main team having had a heavy workload it would be a good idea to play the others.

If anything the performance so far today confirms that we need to win without Benteke.




The most ashamed I have ever felt to be a Villa fan.

We are going down!

Helenius! Good lad. Probably now tops our table of goals per minutes played.

f it, we got beat.

I hope that doesn't set the tone for the rest of the season :-(

i would imagine the boos were fairly loud at the final whistle....oh dear. 

Hopeless and embarrassing.

Fecking joke Lambert and his players need to get proper stick after this. Where the hell was Gardner struggling at home against Sheffield United well done Lambert.

His comments in during the week we're a disgrace and put our team in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Everyone apart from Albrighton should not get paid and should feck off.

Defence a joke

Midfield cannot pass

Forwards cannot score Benteke no confidence
If Lambert thinks Hoolan is the answer then he has not got a clue get some quality in Jan not players who are not good enough to play for Norwich.

Still mystified by the team selection. If Lambert believes the cup takes second place, then why put out our main PL team? That team are unlikely to have the same enthusiasm as they do in the league, whereas a team with more reserves has more to prove, and would relish a chance to shine.

At least Helenius has shown that he knows where the net is. If Bowery is any good then he should have had a chance to show it as well. And Gardner needs game time. Benteke could have come on from the bench; as it is, playing him the whole game just shows he's a liability at the moment.



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