2 players for Wasps have been banned after naughty shenanigans in a pub in London.


Where is the front page headlines? Where are the sponsors pulling out? Where are the chav nobodies coming out saying their lives have been greatly affected by the misdemeanours of these 2 rugby players?




Why do rugby players get away with murder and yet footballers do the slightest thing wrong and they get vilified for it?


Class discrimination.

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You wouldn't get this kind of behaivour in rugby. Oh wait...

One of those  players was the Welsh bloke who got caught speeding in a golf buggy last year!

I suspect his career is coming to an end!


He wasn't speeding... He was driving it down the M4. 70mph there

And all the sticking fingers up bums and eye gauging, danagerous tackles and full on fights.

Football is more popular than rugby. Simple really

Football players are idolised by children far more than rugby players. They get more publicity so are seen by more. Its all the result of the sport they play.


Both have a responsibility to act accordingly in the public, as much as every citizen does. You think 2 average members of the public would make the news like powell and payne did? Nope.... its what will sell the papers. More people care about footie than rugby, and more people care about rugby than some nobodies.


Don't blame Rugby, blame the press and people who read it.

You are so right

the media stink

Not being funny but its the following.


Rugby players are sportsman, not even a sport that is hugely followed in comparisson to foootball, they are not overpaid etc.


The only rugby players I know are johnson, dalleglio and wilkinson (and thats only because he won us the wc, was in advert with becks and was on my hackett box)


Footballers are celebritys, gods, devils etc (insert wehre appropriate). Its a whole different state of affairs because footballs the biggest thing in this country.



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