Morning all, nothing good about it... 


Just when I thought the club where going to try and pull together.


Just when I thought the fans where going to be able to put their understandable grievances behind them (or at least to one side) and get behind the team.


Just when I thought no one is going to be stupid enough to talk to the press and rock the boat again.


I feel like a knife has been stabbed in the back of all Villans and twisted quite vigorously.


What the hell are our manager and "unnamed" squad members doing talking to the London loving press?


Now is a time to forget your own personal petty fall outs and think of the many, many, many thousands of Aston Villa fans


Firstly lets move on to our manager, there will be a few itching to pull the trigger, but this man is suppose to be a "manager" which means not only "managing" the training and tactical side of the game, but "managing" the needs of his professional and "managing" the mighty ego built up from the huge wages they've been given at Villa and the "WorldClass" tags some of them have been given without merit. Loaded answers to questions about "Problems", "Disrespect" and "Dark Forces" are not helping the club.


"I have my own opinion about that" Houllier replied to the question "Perhaps we can discuss it in the summer over half a pint"


So basically a YES but he's left uncertainty, there will be players unsure of their position, at least if he'd have named names then and there he could have alienated the trouble makers from the First team and be done with it. As it is now its a mess.


Then on to the "Un-named" players who are complaining they are being treated like "Kids". I have but one answer.... Behave like Kids you deserve to be treated like kids....


As for the "World Exclusive" of the 8 players wanting out... tell us something we didn't already know.


However I'm going to question the Daily Mails source here...


Stephen Ireland Out

Richard Dunne Out

Stepphen Warnock Out

Luke Young Out

Stan Petrov Out

Brad Friedel Out

James Collins Out


Ashley Young Sadly Out, but he did throw a few crumbs to us the other day.


Gabby Agbonlahor.... Hmmm.... Check your sources again. Or has Mr Redknapp asked to you start unsettling him? If in a couple of day we hear how 'Arry thinks Gabby is a "triffic player" and "He'd love to work wiv him" we'll all know the truth.


All i'm saying is now is not the time, I don't care who you are, unless you've got something positive to say shut your mouth and do your job... bearing in mind many of you have failed to do them properly all season.


What must these young kids like Albrighton and Clark be thinking... no wonder Houllier has sent most of them out on loan. Partly to get experience, partly to get them away from the bad eggs in the group.


Back to Saggy face, who tells that Walker isn't going anywhere, which means he wants more than £10m. If there's one thing people should realise about Redknapp is that he doesn't talk about players he doesn't want or need to sell. 


Other Rumours suggest Given could be on his way. 


The thing is all I care about is Villa staying up and next season the fans getting behind the boys. Not once do I feel we've supported the team properly at home this season... maybe for the first half against United... other than that when has Villa park been rocking?


I just prey Bent, Downing and/or Young don't get injured playing Wales... I would just be our luck...




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From the current or former Liverpool players biography's I have read, Houllier is fairly strict.  He likes thing done in a certain way, he likes the club to be betrayed in a certain way and his public image must not be questionned.


If some of the players are used to having a bit of a free lease (which I doubt under MON) then Gerard's rules will come as a shock to them, even to the extent that it feels like they have gone backt o school.  However, if the players accept the rules and act accordingly, it will be a much more professional setup but maybe to the detriment to the team spirit.


Houllier is a good manager, but I do not think he and Villa suit each other, bit like us with Hodgson.  Hodgson isn't a bad manager, he just isn't a top manager and his style didn't suit ours and the players.  I think there is a similar clash of styles between Houllier and the Villa players.  IMO, it is too late to be changing managers now with only eight games to go meaning the only option you have is to pull together and head in the same direction.


I understand you concerns about seeing these reports and comments in the media but they usually feed off troublesome clubs, try not to beleive everything you read.  Reporters stick microphones in people faces and take what they say in the way the they wants to. 


I am sure Villa will be fine.

Gerrez.. these where direct interveiws... not chance comments.


Why oh why oh did they think it would be wise to arrange an interveiw at this point...



Direct interviews?  That is just crazy.  We had similar stuff going off under the previous owners and management.  As much as you like to hear views of people from your club, it is not appropriate to go public with these things.

My point exactly...


You'll notice that Villa is the only club in the relegation scrap actively wanting press involvement... we're inviting pressure and making the fan nervous... it's crazy... Stupidily of Management and Players if I was Lerner they'd be getting a huge Rollocking this morning.

I always considered GH to be a strange choice for Villa. MON leaving was a real hammer blow and to be honest it really doesn't look like you've recovered from it - Bent signing was a show of support from the powers-at-be but it's really just not happening.

Totally agree with you about the media side of things, just how can they think that it could possibly help?



On a slightly different note, how gutted will Darren Bent be about jumping ships from Sunderland to Aston Villa if you guys get relegated...?


I like Villa (although some of your fans are annoying, but thats the case for a lot of clubs) and I don't want to see them go down, nor do I think they will, but part of me also sees the players we could look to poach if you were to be releagted.  hmmm...

Gerrez... in all seriousness with the ability these players have there's no way we should go down...



Are you saying your to good to go down...?


With a squad that includes players like Young, Albrighton, Downing, Petrov, Dunne, Warnock, Bent, Walker, Makoun, Bradley, etcyou shouldn't be anywhere near the drop zone but these players need to perform.


PS - obviously, Downing and Bent have experienced relegation from the premiership before too, this should help force the situation home!

So has Dunne.....but by the sounds of it he's part of the problem and not the solution !

I was going to say Dunne but wasn't sure.  He joined Man City in 2000 and I thought they got relegated before that...?

We were relegated after that as well haha the yoyo years !


He was part of the squad that got relegated under Joe Royle, he didn't really play that much due to his extra curricular activities and was given his final chance under Keegan and the rest as they say is history (fans player of the year 4 seasons on the trot)'s a shame he has reverted back to his old ways (if thats the case).

Yeah, having looked again this sentence may have been the clue:


"His first season saw City relegated into the first division and acquire the services of a new manager, Kevin Keegan"


My bad!


Still think it was a mistake at the time for City to get rid of him, as you said, he had been the player of the sason four times!  I don't thinkhe would get in the side now but who knows, it could have been like us with Carragher?



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