First of all lets celebrate for the wonderful comeback yesterday. I honestly didn't think we would have done that seeing our past record at the Bridge but we never gave up the spirit that makes us UNITED!!
Now coming back to the main point. I have seen many of our fans have a feeling of sentimentality towards the old guard. Giggs, Scholes, Rio and Evra are the main culprits. I am of the opinion that apart from Evra all three of them should retire at the end of the season. Scholes most probably will. Giggs for all those years of brilliance really looks finished. Yes he pops in with the odd goal and assist and still has pace(He outpaced Sturridge) but he has been abysmal in his general game. We don't want a Neville situation to happen where he continues to play even when he is past it. So I think he should just retire on a high note.
Most important is Rio. Rio and Maldini were my favourite defenders of all time. Till last year I felt he still had it. But now he seriously looks past it. Has completely lost his pace, doesn't read the game as well he used to, frequent lapses in concentration. He should retire in May. Although I still believe he can play Championship football but would he want to?
Evra is 30. He is still good offensively but defensively he is sh*t and has been for 2 seasons now. We desperately need a left footed left back. (Not Fabio or Fryers) but someone in his peak. Baines is a great shout. Underrated,great going forward and defensively, has a great set piece and crossing, pacy and wouldn't cost much. Evra shouldn't play big games next season.
These guys have been club legends but we need to move ahead and no time for sentiments. We are not a retirement home and Fergie needs to get over his feeling of loyalty.

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I agree that we shouldn't have to rely on Giggs and Scholes in the middle but, in the absence of any alternative, I think we should just be glad that they can step in when needed. The fact that Scholes is already proving to be so important just goes to show that we are/were short in that position.

I wanted Scholes to retire at the end of last season but only becasue SAF said he would sign experienced players when the likes of Nev, Giggs and Scholes retired. Since that statement turned out to be untrue, I'd rather keep Scholes than lose him and not replace him.

Are you idiot or something or are you just dumb.
What has Quieroz to do with transfers?
My article was to do about our match tactics and not transfers. It's obvious as stated in the article that we have been tactically clueless for quite some time now (please don't bring up Chelsea game) and Phelan in general hasn't shown anything that suggests he is brilliant and this point of mine was agreed by Redmisty too. Go through the article and then come back to me.

I think RedDevils has a point though. Transfers and tactics are inextricably linked as it doesn't matter how good your tactics are if you sign the wrong players to begin with.

You've been blaming Phelan for us not signing a decent CM, so i'd assume Quieroz had the same role in transfers... It's double standards, Phelan = bad because we haven't signed a CM, Quieroz = Good despite referring us to Bebe...


I disagree to all of those who think Giggs and Scholes should continue playing next season too.
Yes both still do the job required but I do not want them to continue. Yes this season it's fine but not next. I want both of them to retire when they were still playing at the highest level and not continue playing and tarnishing their reputation.
We already have experienced heads at the club like Rooney, Vidic, Nani, Berba, Evra, Carrick to guide them through. Plus I expect 1-2 big name signings in summer who have won something at their previous clubs. Also Giggs and Scholes will undoubtedly stay at the club after retirement at various positions at the club.
But one thing is sure, both should definitely retire at the end of this season. Also Rio should go/retire too.
But if we still keep playing Giggs next season without signing 1-2 experienced central midfielders, I would seriously question the Glazers to whom I have supported all these years.



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