The owners have appointed Christian Purslow, one-time CEO of Liverpool and of Chelsea, as CEO. On paper this is a good appointment; he has a record of getting things done and done quickly.

What does it mean for us? I think he'll do a thorough investigation of the club and overhaul things where they need to be overhauled. The obvious question which will come up is whether Bruce will continue as manager, and if not who will they get in.

My thoughts. I think Bruce needed a flying start to continue in the job. The two wins were OK, even if the performances weren't great. Three draws have taken the gloss off things; Brentford was maybe OK with a decent performance, the other two not. Add to that the very poor loss to Burton in the cup, and there's a sense of the wheels coming off. I think Steve needs to go on a winning run to survive.

He doesn't help himself. Against Burton half the team weren't interested. It's not too surprising, as they've been labelled not good enough by Steve, and his reaction after the match to say they won't get considered in future smacks of somebody losing his grip. In the loan-transfer business, we've failed to get in the French CB we were after yet Elphick is still being encouraged to go out on loan; Elphick may not be the best but he's streets ahead of Jedinak as a centre back. Meanwhile, youngsters who might have expected a chance with us are being farmed out as loans; for some it may be a good idea, but not all.

If the owners aren't convinced by him I think he'll go quickly. I suspect they're capable of finding a better manager from somewhere, probably someone not on our radar.


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I think he has 1 game to save his job! Yes Greek I said it! The international break is next week, the perfect time to bring in a new boss.

I would almost, almost hope for a crushing defeat today if it meant the end of Bruce.

How can he bring in 2 wingers and a striker and let a defender go out on loan when we are very short at the back. He must be thinking that we will hoof the ball up field and the new players will bang them in, so we don't need to defend, it works on Soccer Manager! If you have the best team you always win. What happens when Jedinak gets injured?

Undefeated in the league, emabrrassed in the cup. Can Tammy play today?

If we win today (likely as he usually pulls out a result when he needs one) we will be 2 points off the top with unhappy fans again!

Fickle!? Yes I am.

Wonder who has been scouting the new players. Abraham may be an obvious choice, but not the others. Don't think it's Bruce. If he goes, the new manager would have a good if unbalanced squad to work with.

One nil down after 6 minutes goodbye muppet

Two nil down, when’s the leaving party?

Goodbye Bruce can’t say it’s been a pleasure

Three nil I am getting into party mood goodbye Bruce thanks for Sweet FA

Unless there is a remarkable turnaround, doubtful.

Then this has to be the end of the road. Letting Elphick go was lunacy.

Can we sign Terry and Huth? We need defenders.

Time's up, he can't take us any further. New broom. I don't know who, but we need a change to get the best out of this squad (with no defenders!!).

Same old, same old ... This week is the reality of Bruce. He's not good enough and the coaching is shocking. Having decent players has kept him afloat, but I think the owners won't put up with it.

Way forward? Phone call to Jorge Mendes to see who's on his books. There are others available as well.

We need a manager who can manage a top club as we aim to be, and can bring with him the coaching to get us there.

Been off of this web site for a couple of weeks now got bought a ticket for today's game by my wife .


I can honestly say that in my time as a Villa fan i have never seen a performance like i saw today .

The defence was so fragile it would buckle if you blew hard enough on it .

It is now glaringly obvious that Terry leaving has left a massive massive hole in our defence .

The set up of the team was comical at best every thing was directed down the right hand side .

I am not a fan of Hutton but to see him in space on numerous occasions screaming for the ball in plenty of space was diabolical why play a man as a wing back if you do not give him the ball when he has a chance to hurt the opposition .

Defending at set pieces was sunday league quality no idea or leadership shown at all .

3 nil down at half time was not only a fare score but it should have been more .

The second half was little better it is ok playing keep ball around the centre circle but if you do not give the strikers the bullets to fire they cannot fire them .

Message to Bruce get it sorted soon as because another performance like today's and you will be getting your P45 



If you think i am biased watch the highlights on telly and you will see how the score line flattered Villas performance today

Good to see your back m8.

That's enough now Bruce.

I can't stand how bad it's going. How he has destroyed some championship quality players careers. How badly unbalanced he has made us with a shocking defence.How he insists on playing players in wrong positions when their natural positions are desperately in need of them. How he blames the players for not playing attacking football that he supposedly drills into them in training.

How he now insults the fans for criticism of how he is doing as he has got out of this league 4 times before, blah blah blah.

Sorry m8 you have lost the plot, the majority of fans and I'm sure the confidence of the players you keep blaming.

What a perfect time to pay him off, Cant believe we will have to pay him 2 million for this quality of Football.

Nice block but his style has moved on.

Watched the highlights replay. Yep, it was shocking. The defence reminded me of the horror show in our relegation year, even down to the standing there with the shoulders slumping after yet another goal went in. Nyland is getting blamed for the second goal but it was a cracking shot which went under him, it happens; the real culprit was Jedinak leaving a huge hole between himself and Chester. Jedinak seemed to drift out out far too often; he simply is rubbish as a CB.

When Terry was injured last year, we had almost the same defence; Tuanzebe/Elmo, Elphick, Chester, Hutton. It worked OK. The difference is the totally stupid decision to push Elphick out on loan, and I bet Terry was still coaching the defence even though he wasn't in it. Jedinak usually comes back from internationals not fit; what then? The excuses from Bruce were unbelievable; had to play 5 unfir players because he couldn't trust the alternatives. 

Stupidity from Bruce. Coaches who are crap. Without Terry we'll be lucky to stay top half. If we don't get promotion this year then we're back to square one, another rebuilding job because we're not developing for the future. The sooner this lot are removed the sooner we can move forwards; we have enough good players to do that.

Agree with what you have said McP .

The way Hutton was ignored by players with the ball yesterday was criminal .

Made you wonder if he has upset another team mate and they have all decided to not pass to him ,

I was in the Tony Currie Stand ( Villa's left flank second half ) Hutton for good spells when Villa had possession was left in acres of space for minutes on end as Utds right back drifted inside to close down players on Villas keep ball sessions in the centre circle apart from throwing Footballs or rocks at his team mates he was totally ignored .

He had chance up on chance to get behind the Sheff Utd defence and cross with ease unmarked with a easy pass but he was left out of the game he only got the ball when he came inside to collect and the chance had then gone .

To add insult to injury Bruce took him of his expression and body language said it all 

What did i do wrong ? .

Villa yesterday can be described in one word rubbish and Bruce needs to change things fast if he still wants to keep his job .





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