Yes we have and we all hope that this is the last time for a long time, Good luck to Dean and JT we are all looking forward to enjoying our football again.

As, you know who has left us limited at the back but with loads of forwards I am looking forward to a something like a 10-5 win but most important attacking football.

Onwards and upwards

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Beat me to it! Was just about to start a thread called New Dawn.

Think it is a new dawn. Impossible to say how long Dean will take to get us performing properly. It could take a few days, it could take the rest of the season. There's a lot to sort out; our best players are underperforming and probably there's a lack of confidence in there, the defence is a mess, and he's got a large squad to work out who is worth it and who ought to go. But if he can get his ideas across quickly and the players respond then we should start getting reasonable performances.

I'd give him as long as it takes, within reason. Bruce and his staff had to go, they were never good enough. I've heard enough from Dean to like his ideas and his approach. He's not going to be afraid to take risks. He knows what he wants. If players don't respond they need to go. But if he can get them going out there playing without fear we could at last be getting the sort of performances we crave.

It may be bumpy to start with, but things might also click very quickly. If so we could walk this league.


Wow!!! We won! Credit to the lads and Dean Smith.

I'm sure we could have played better, and it was a bit nail-biting at the end, but the defence held firm for once and Nyland had a good game.

We should have scored more, we can improve, we need to improve, but it's a good start.


Players playing in their true positions, clean sheet and a win - imagine that!! Well done to all and long may it continue.

Even more impressive with only a few days training so the signs are positive.

Excellent win, stopped the rot, so first job done, gives everyone confidence and that’s all we needed at least for now.

Well done everybody.

I felt better just knowing that theplayers were playing in their correct positions and most likely with a plan.  The substitutions made sense and were made at the right times. 

A clean sheet and a decent performance is a good start. We'll miss McGinn on Tuesday, I thought he was excellent. 

Miracles take time.  I hope patience is learned. 



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