The days of Fletcher are over, Anderson unlike the rest of that mid can actually move the ball forward. He has vision, can pass, is clever and is much better than every midfielder we have at the club. Cleverley also has much more to his game, has technique and can pass, Fletcher well can not, yes he has been sick for a ages but before he was sick he was playing awfully last season, he has tried to change his game too much and well, he simply is not good enough to. Cleverley and Anderson are ahead of any midfield pairing at the club, they can actually do something with the ball. It is a shame Anderson will need to be looked after, as he is injury prone.

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You're right, we did miss Anderson. However, it's a squad game and we need him for Chelsea.


He has a record of picking up injuries when playing too many games quickly, so best to avoid that. Was a frustrating game but we need to give players game time and we did that.

We play best when we are fluid. 451 could have worked but you need somone who can drive forward, Fletcher and Carrick make my eyes blead. I would only play Carrick, behind Anderson and Cleverley in  451. But that would mean we need Nani and Young as they can create and score. Nani also should remain ahead of Valencia. Keeping our play fluid is vital esp in 442. 


Yes with Anderson, we have to be very careful as he can get badly injured. Soon as you see Fletcher and Carrick together, you just know they will not do anything worthwhile with the ball.

Nolhman, I take no pleasure in agreeing with you but in this instance I have too. That performance was just like too many performances from the last 2 seasons. Slow, boring, uncreative and lifeless. Perfect words to describe both our performance and our midfield when carrick and fletcher play together.

I do not know about that, I have always been a major fan of Ando since he joined. Just love the way he plays and he suits the PL very well and also brings flair with him. I am still shocked he never started the final and still am angry. Mark my words, Ando will be a great player and one of the best out there, bold statement but I believe he has everything it takes. 


SSMITH, please, I have been sensible on here for a while now as, I just want to express my opinons, without flairing any arguments. I do admit to being an idiot before etc but I like this forum and the users who use it hence why I respect it very much. I will not cause any trouble on here. I am no longer using JA606 or NOT606. If someone is using my user it is not me. I was last on JA606 as Ferguson 2 weeks ago but I will not be on there ever again. I am just staying here. I understand some users still have bad memories of me but I can take any form of stick, so it does not matter. I am not sure, anyone could say anything worse to me than comas, who told me to die of aids and for my family to get cancer. He is a sick person. But it is not a problem lol

Ok Nolhman, as i said, I agree with your article. As for your new sensible behaviour I'm willing to wipe the slate clean and give you a fair go, as when you aren't being an idiot you can be a decent poster.


Watching last nights game was painful.  Our play was as far away from our last few prem performances as you can get.  I really hope that we never see that midfield 5 start together again.  We need Young on the left, Nani on the right, and Anderson in the middle paired with whoever is fit/on form at the time.  I too have been a huge fan of Anderson since he arrived and am glad that he's being given the time to prove his worth this season.  I understand why Fergie wanted to rest him, Young and Nani last night but that performance shows how bereft of creativity we are without those players in the team.

Ladies and Gentlemen please take a look at Nolhman aka Hizmo's latest article on ja606.
Red Indian, I am in Maroc at this given moment, all they need to do is check the I.PS and it would be quite clear it is not me. Ask Admin1 I am sure he could assist you. TCIR could confirm that the I.P I am using is not British and Admin1 could confirm that Hizmo is using a British I.P. Good try though.
Red Indian, don't ruin a perfectly good thread. Don't care if he's been summing elsewhere.
I for once agree completely with Anderson Samba Star.
Nolhmuppet you ain't fooling anybody.

Just get them to check the IPS. Hizmo made an article today and he is in England. I am currently in Morocco, all you need to do is ask. The article was not written by me but you want the truth? Me and Hizmo are not the same person but we know each other to an extent and did swap on JA606 as a joke and it seems some people e.g REDINDIAN fool fell for it. But I am no longer using any other forum. Hizmo is Hizmo on there and there is no nolhman on any other forum bar here. Also I have not been Hizmo for over a month now and returned as FERGUSON. But as I am in UNI etc I rather just stick to one forum. Like I said just get TCIR to check my I.P and get ADMIN1 to check Hizmos, you will see we are not in the same country.


Anderson may I add, whether you consider me a good poster or not is not really of a concern to me. Since when have I cared about what other people think? I do not care tbh and it does not affect me. Never has and never will. If you are trying to make me look stupid, well that is not very hard but it is not exactly something that upsets me in anyway, tbh in the old days, i found it amusing that people would go to such effort to do such a thing, when it was clear as day, I was saying the most provocative of things to annoy them, wow how they bit But like I said, those days are long over. Whether my old reputation still carries through to the new, it again does not upset me. I can understand. I will still post sensibly!

Now I just feel sorry for those people who bother to waste their time proving such a point and yes Anderson I mean you. As for those Hizmo comments, most where not written by me.


The funny thing is, I do browse on JA and NOT606 here and there and the most funniest thing I come across, is people saying I am using those forums still to wum. It is like I have some sort of legacy LOL. It is flattering but I am no longer using them lol. Even when I am not there, I am still there to them. Maybe they will make a movie about this.

As for you red indian, stop whilst you are ahead. Trust me you should  Unlike you I do not go on a football forum to get any credibility but wow Red Indian you fail at that 

Does anyone else think we tried to sell Berbatov in the summer & he said no? Hence the leper treatment.
Fergie has said offers came in for him but he wanted to keep him, but with Fergie, who knows?



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