Good morning, and what a busy start to the weekend's football we have.


First up is a wounded, bloodied, bleeding, hurt, shocked (we're trying to beat Sky) Manchester United travelling to Goodison. Literally anything could happen in this fixture and sometimes it does, a tricky one for the Champions to face at such a difficult time.


Phile Neville and Tim Cahill are injured and Royston Drenthe is suspended. Ashley Young has hurt his toe and there are reports Chris Smalling has fractured a bone in his foot.


Just 45 minutes later in a scheduling clash that Sky can be proud of, Arsenal make their way across London to Chelsea. Drogba is banned as is Boswinga but Torres returns from suspension. Such a naughty lot these Stamford Bridge boys.


All eyes will be on John Terry as he fights to clear accusations he racially abused Anton Ferdinand. If any good can come out of that incident it's that any player who may have used a racist insult in this weekend's football will now think twice.


The other games have a lot to live up to and City will be hoping for a convincing win against Wolves ahead of a crucial week for them in football.


Norwich versus Blackburn isn't going to excite too many but a loss for Rovers would put even more pressure on Kean. Sunderland welcome Villa and it's an important match for both teams, either side seems capable of going on a good run or awful one.


Bolton need a win away to Swansea to put a halt to their free-fall and Liverpool will be desperate to get all three points away to West Brom, not least due to the added Hodgson factor.


Nobody cares about Fulham versus Wolves.


Saturday, 29 October 2011
Everton v Man Utd, 12:00
Chelsea v Arsenal, 12:45
Man City v Wolverhampton, 15:00
Norwich v Blackburn, 15:00
Sunderland v Aston Villa, 15:00
Swansea v Bolton, 15:00
Wigan v Fulham, 15:00
West Brom v Liverpool, 17:30
Sunday, 30 October 2011
Tottenham v QPR, 16:00

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Yes, not a great show, but three points.  I'm worried about Cleverley too - I hope this isn't going to be a pattern.... he wasn't involved in a tackle - his leg just sort of gave way.


Vidic was immense today - would love to know why he didn't play against City.  We looked totally different in defense - even with calamity Evans!

Theo >>> Ronaldo!!!

Glad to get that one out of the way. Not a great game but we defended very well and yet again Hernandez pops up with yet another vital goal.


We've got a favourable fixture list from now up until Christmas and the New Year except for Villa away so hopefully we'll be able to gather as many points as possible and hopefully City will drop a few a long the way with games against Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal to come.


Good news on the draw as well today. It couldn't have been better. Hopefully Morrison or Pogba will get the opportunity to start against Palace.


I think it's a little too much hoping for Wolves to take something of City at Eastlands but it's been a great day and it's only 14:15 on a Saturday. Not very often that happens.

WOW ..again
Can't stand John Terry so loving this game. It's funny, Arsenal are a class team when they want to be.
Van Persie - what a player. If he stayed fit he'd be frightening but it just doesn't happen often!
Yes, well played Arsenal!
Yet another Suarez dive. The guy is the worst diver and play-actor the premier league has ever seen. Before the scousers talk about Ronaldo/ Nani let me get this clear that both do not even come close to the diving skills Suarez possesses. In fact Nani rarely dives.
I am looking forward to Dogleish defending him in his post game interview.

Good grief, are you even watching the game?  No way that was a dive, it was a clear cut penalty.  On the upside, Suarez is annoying the hell out of you, so it's all good :D

Just ignore him.


Of course it was a penalty. You should've had another one as well when Carroll was shoved in the back, that was a clear penalty. If a penalty had been given for handball, I think that would've been a bit harsh because it was ball to hand although we've seen them given before.

I think the handball was more a penalty (if that is possible?) than the shove in Carroll's back.  Yes, he was close to the ball but the defender stuck his hand out to stop it, there was clear hand to ball movement.  IMO, all three (the third being the actual penalty) were penalties.


The defender was very silly to tackle / barge him.  Suarez was going nowhere, he was on his way out of the area with not much in the way of a pass on other than to Glen Johnson at right back.  The defender should have let him have the ball.


Red_Indian - the difference is, we Liverpool fans know Suarez dives.  Although we know it is wrong and don't exactly "accept it", we also know it is part of his game.  It isn't often I have come across a Man Utd fan open enough to accept the obvious with Ronaldo and Nani.  Dalglish made comments to protect his player, as would Ferguson, Wenger, Mourinho, etc.

I think the handball was more a penalty (if that is possible?) than the shove in Carroll's back.  Yes, he was close to the ball but the defender stuck his hand out to stop it, there was clear hand to ball movement.




I never seen the replay of that particular incident although it did look like there wasn't really much he could do about it in live play but fair play, I'm sure you're right.



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