Welbeck will have to fight! Arsenal striker in no mood to sit back

One thing Yayo Sanogo cannot be doubted on is attitude. The 21 year old has heard negative buzzes around his head since he landed on English shores and it's not always from opposition fans. When Sanogo arrived from Auxere in July 2013 he was hardly the big name striker Arsenal fans had been waiting for.

Sanogo was relatively unheard of. Young. French. Cheap. Almost like a fictional character lifted from a script on Arsene Wenger's trophy-less years in London. Sanogo was just too easy to pigeonhole. The frontline of Arsenal's infantry on social media found YouTube clips, set them to fast music, and made Sanogo into the Kirby Cleaner of our times but not many were seduced.

The young Frenchman was quickly injured and it wasn't a straightforward pulled hamstring, the slight mystique of a back injury made things seem worse and fans who had fresh scars from injury ravaged seasons felt the pain coming again.

Young. French. Cheap. Injured. He was soooo Arsenal. 

Not scoring just rounded things off. Of course Sanogo didn't score. He's Young. French. Cheap. Injured. Soooo Arsenal.

Then the season brought a trophy and Arsenal lifted a little gloom. Fans had said not winning a trophy hadn't mattered as much the media and others made out. Just like the Yaya Sanogo YouTube videos, they convinced few. That FA Cup made everyone a bit better and gave everyone a second chance. 

And then came Alexis Sanchez, he so wasn't Arsenal. Even more so than Mesut Ozil the year before him. Arsenal fans had been on the catnip and everything was wonderful, in comparison to previous summers anyway. Sanogo scored four goals in a resounding victory against a Benfica side who had gone down the Arsenal route of selling their best players, only the Portuguese club accelerated the misery by selling them all in the same year. 

The future was looking bright for Sanogo but the Premier League started and still no 'real' goal for the Frenchman. Some Arsenal fans worried that Wenger saw the youngster as a project, something he was going to be proven correct on, whatever the cost.

Then came Danny Welbeck from Manchester United. A footballer who also suffers from a lack of goals but who has proven himself at the very highest level against the likes of Real Madrid. Welbeck, two years older than Sanogo, was the darling of the Manchester United fans and not just because he was a local lad. A different kind of player, someone who can go into a challenge with two other players, look like Bambi on ice, and yet still come out with the ball. A sense of nonsensical composure.

So, young Yaya, time for your prolonged period on the bench sunshine. 

Except Sanogo isn't wilting, and has told L'Equipe that Welbeck has to battle to get his place. Where Olivier Giroud may sulk and pout at the idea of competition, Sanogo has come out fighting. French newspaper L'Equipe use the label SaNOgoals in their headline which shows criticism travels the channel, but the striker won't be stepping aside for Welbeck "No, he will have to fight for his place."

There's a real feeling that Sanogo says these things from a inner fire rather than melancholy teetering on the edge of devastation like Gorgeous Giroud sometimes appears to. On critics, Sanogo doesn't have to delve into scoring records and compare himself favourably to others, as people try and look away. He doesn't have to explain why everything is so unfair and weighted against him. Sanogo expects criticism, but he thinks those doing it are wrong. 

"It's a big club. The fans know that I scored a lot when young, they put me under a little pressure. Once I score the first goal, it's fine.

"They criticise me (pundits). That's their problem. I will always be there, I'll play, go forward and score goals. Sooner or later it's going to happen. "

Sanogo may not flourish, he may go down as Young. French. Cheap. Injured. Not Very Good.

However, he's saying the right things. He has the right attitude and he's shown in his career and against Benfica that he has talent. Welbeck could have a bigger fight on his hands than he imagined he would.

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