Well done to IABA for asking female boxers to wear skirts...

Following on from suggestions that female boxers may be asked to wear skirts during the 2012 Olympics, we thought there were several other sports we had to bring to the attention of organisers.


In boxing, the authorities believe that wearing a skirt would help distinguish the competitors from men and they have a point. The fact somebody had purchased tickets for female boxing, seen the signs displaying they were watching a female fight and heard the commentators introduce the ladies is clearly not enough.


Why stop at boxing, people who have bought tickets for other events involving females may also be thick as pigshit and unable to grasp that if they buy tickets to watch female cycling they will be seeing females cycling. For example, if the ladies below had been wearing skirts then you'd have been able to tell they were females more easily...



People who had bought tickets to watch female fencers or those who had tuned in on television, wouldn't know the following were ladies so this is another sport where the wearing of skirts would be beneficial...






There are many other sports where a uniform insisting on skirts for ladies would be beneficial for spectators, such as canoeing.


The Winter Olympics presents these challenges on a far greater scale.


So, aside from asking female boxers to wear skirts, there are other sports they need to consider. Indeed, skirts may not be enough, and if so a colour coding scheme could be put in place where all male competitors wore something that was a shade of blue and the females did likewise but with shades of pink.


The International Amateur Boxing Association is truly leading a charge here and could help raise the perception of female participation at the Olympics to new heights, whilst ensuring that spectators are aware which gender they are watching.


Well done IABA.

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They should definitely wear skirts for curling...would make less of a mess that way 

Wearing heels for curling would be fun.

Since when do people deliberately watch women's sports?

Ha - Great article SW. Was Sepp Blatter involved in this decision?

And surely the female competitors taking part in all equestrian events should also be made to ride side-saddle?


maybe some of this behaviour too whilst the world is trying to make sure people can tell the difference... no graphic nudity SW... don;t worry...


how about this?


what about this for the ladys... 




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