As teams this weekend book their places in the semi finals of the FA Cup, they’ll start to plan their trips to that game.

They’ll all be going to the same place, Wembley. This is part of the FA’s 30 year agreement to play a minimum number of games at the national stadium per year. Many people seem against this and I wanted to see what SW members think.

I’ve made a list of advantages and disadvantages of the current arrangement, feel free to add your own.



  • Wembley has a large capacity and enables many more people to attend.  How many other grounds could even come close to this?  Outside of Old Trafford and The Emirates is can house around 40,000 more people than other stadiums.  Where else?
  • Having semi finals at Wembley provides more people with a big day out than would otherwise achieve it.  A day at Wembley is something many clubs and indeed players see very rarely.
  • Wembley is a new and modern stadium with facilities to match.  Now the pitch problems are sorted out, it's a safe bet it will have a better playing surface that many Premier League grounds at that time of the season.




  • The cost.  Everything associated with Wembley costs more.  Tickets, travel, parking, hotels, burgers, beer! 
  • The principle.  If it's Manchester United v Manchester City then to have everyone travelling so far is unfair.
  • You shouldn't play at Wembley unless it's the final.  Supporters singing Que Sara when they're merely going to a semi final is wrong and breaks with tradition.
  • A lot of the seats at Wembley are corporate anyway, so that takes away some of the attendance advantage.


I see the arguments on both sides.  If it is United v City then where else could it be held?  Tickets would be gold dust and there's only two other grounds that come close in terms of style, one of them being United's and the other one being in London anyway.







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BBC Sport's Andy McKenzie on Twitter: "Unless Reading beat Man City, we'll have four teams all travelling 150+ miles to play FA Cup semis at Wembley."



nuff. said.

Let's say City win.  Where would you have that game?


I know Bolton/ Stoke could be at Old Trafford but where for the derby?

St James' Park is the only place I can think of.

The capacity of that is just over 50,000.  About 10,000 would be taken by corporates, sponsors, FA etc so leaving 40,000 for fans.  Wembley is 90,000 with 72,000 being general admission.


And it's not that much closer.



That's what I'm saying though, besides Wembley, the next best place would be St James' Park. There really isn't anywhere else in the North for a game like that.
It's a shame isn't it.  I blame Liverpool ;)
Villa Park?
great place for a semi but too small for the massed ranks of Manchester...anyway they all live in London so Wembley suits them anyway (the old ones are the best)
It's only 42k though isn't it. United have about that many season ticket holders. I think for this occasion Wembley is probably right.

Despite the downsides. A lot of season ticket holders won't get tickets as it is.

Milenium Stadium...?


I know it is still quite a bit of travelling but not as far as Wembley.


I would say St James' Park or Anfield but the former would be all corporate as thecityisred pointe dout and the supporters would trash (more so) the latter.

It's harder to get to Cardiff, especially by public transport.  Brilliant stadium though.

Realise that, just meant it is closer for both Manchester teams.


Maybe the FA could set up an agreement to play at Hampden park...? lol



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