What do we as fan`s want in the January window for Villa ? .

This article was prompted by it being pointed out to me this lunch time in my local that there is only 8 week`s before the transfer window open`s up in January .

In my local we took turn`s in stating what we wanted to see happen at our various Club`s and then threw these idea`s open to discussion over a couple of pint`s , Sadly i cannot provide every Villa fan who post`s on here with a pint or two but i would like to here other fan`s view`s on what Lambert should be looking to do in January to keep on improving our squad and our standing in the League .

Myself i do feel that we have come on in leaps and bound`s under Lambert but we are still far from the finished article with a squad with so much youth and potential but we still lack to a certain extent a couple of player`s who are the finished article skill`s wise and are capable of using there experience to calm the eager youngsters down when we as a team are under the cosh in matches .

The main area for me where we are lightweight is in midfield we do not seem to have a player who has the composure or skill`s to stop and break up opposition attacks effectively and we also seem to lack a player who can fetch a little more creative flare in to the center of our present first team . Whether we can get one player who can fit both roles or invest in two player`s to do this remain`s to be seen , A Chelsea fan pointed out to me that he can see a clear out taking place by Mourinho in January and some player`s may well be looking for new Club`s with not to expensive term`s attached due to the World Cup next year and these player`s needing game time as to other midfield player`s who i would like to see i am open to idea`s as long as we do not pay over the odd`s and they have a good deal of experience .

My main concern is can we still hold on to the player`s we have or more to the point what happen`s if a bigger Club come`s calling with a big offer for Benteke ? .

My feeling`s are every player regardless of who they are and how important they may be to the Club has a price and if a offer is made that is literally to good to refuse then we should let him go with possibly Lukaku been sounded out as a replacement or if we wished to cast our net further afield then possibly Finnbogason of Heerenveen as this player for his age ( 24 ) really seems to have a good bit of quality about him with 14 goal`s in 11 matches already this season in the Dutch League  . If we were to get in the region of 30/35 million for Benteke and pay out 13/15 million on his replacement that would leave at least 15 million plus what other fund`s are made available to bolster midfield it would be nice if we could find a player like Lallana from completely of the radar at a good price .

My main hope is we keep on improving and get enough points to push for a finish around the 10th/12th add a cup run to this and some investment in January then i will be a happy Villa Fan .



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the way Benteke is scoring at the minute, we will just about get our money back on him. 

I also think Sylla is our midfield enforcer - perhaps need a young back up for him.

and yes, of course we need a creator. I haven't a clue who that is, but two names that spring to mind as stop gaps/potential are Josh McEachran (from Chelsea) and Wes Houlahan (from Noriwch - though he is a bit older at 32)

also wouldn't mind seeing Carruthers brought back into the fold. I do wonder how he is getting on....

Overall Benteke's done OK this season, but at the moment he's not setting the place alight. If we want to get a top price for him then we have to wait until after the world cup and also hope his form comes back. I think it will, which will be good for our season; keeping him in January could well be our most important signing. I'm pretty sure Lambert/Lerner won't sell anyway.

We have no hope of getting Lukaku, Lallana or any body who's currently making waves. I suspect we will get somebody in January; Lambert isn't known for hanging about. But who/what it will be only Lambert knows. Expect the papers round December to start touting Defoe though.

Defoe is a none starter (I Hope) because he is far too old for Lambert and secondly, I have heard of him, so there is no chance of Lambert signing someone I have heard of.

I agree we need more craft but to give a name - impossible - mainly because its a bit difficult to name someone you have never heard of.


Personally I think our midfield will be better as soon as Gardner comes back, I think he's not too far away, right? Maybe if we gave Carruthers the odd run around the park. Or an even better idea would be to give Helenius a run since he can hardly 'show what he can do' by sitting on the bench. Even against Cardiff, Bowery got on ahead and Lambert said post-match 'we didn't really have anyone to bring on, I've got two youngsters on the bench who shouldn't be near the first team yet'. Hardly going to instill confidence with that kind of talk. I think Sylla could play deeper as an enforcer alongside Delph with Helenius off Benteke in the 10 role which is where Lambert supposedly sees him. 

He scored in most pre-season games, just seems a bit unfair to not give him a go every now and then.

I can't imagine we'd do much in January. It makes no sense buying more players since the ones we bought in January haven't really settled in fully yet apart from Bacuna. 

Helenius gets the same game time as Bowery these days. Pretty much none….

sad, as i kind liked the look of him in spells….

On another note when did Australia become part of Asia? I can only think of two country's in Oceania and Australia is one of em. Sometimes my ignorance astounds even me.

It has been a while now that they have been part of the Asian football association, they were allowed to move so that they could get better opposition and consequently their standard should improve. That leaves only New Zealand who can possibly win Oceania as none of the other teams own boots!!

What we want is football! Doesn't time drag, when there's only pointless internationals on the go!!!

Suppose the good thing is that after Tuesday night there's a reasonable breathing space before the next lot.

But we have to wait until Monday night

I agree its awful and I may add pointless for us, since we lost our interest by having nobody involved in the England set up I really don't care what happens.

When I look at the side I see some old blokes who should have been left behind and some youngsters who I am completely indifferent to.

Roll on Monday I can't wait, Albion are a good side and have some skill but I reckon we can beat them away from home lets hope everyone is fit. Delph back etc.

Think I'll cut the grass tomorrow night it will be more interesting.

Know the felling well J.D.H.S . but have just had a right laugh watching Joey Essex eat a Ostrich C--k on  i am a celebrity .

Changing topics all together the Express has us and Newcastle showing a interest in Mousa Demble  ? .




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