So I think I'm right in saying that our berth in the play offs is confirmed. I think we should forfeit the next 2 games LOL!!

No more injuries, and much as I would love it I can't see us winning 15 in a row, it has taken us 145 years to win 10 in a row.

I hate the play offs, it is too stressful, we are the form side, but one slip and you're done. We should be capable of going one better this year, but I have that horrible sneaky feeling, you know the one every Villa fan has?

If we don't make it, I hope next season we go up by winning the league by Feb!!!!

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You're right; promotion far from guaranteed. Probably two games to play against Baggies, where they'll have plenty of scope for their usual cheating. If we survive, probably a final against mighty Leeds.

However, we are the form team. And Smith is proving a great manager. We CAN do it. But I'll be happy when it's over!

If we don't do it, I'm confident we can have a good crack next season. But we may lose several critical players including Jack, which would be a shame.

Let's hope! UTV

C'mon Bosko - we are all positive about the play offs - we will go one better than last year ! We will win both of last 2 matches easily ? Leeds are in freefall & Norwich will not be bothered ?

Non of our playoff opponents are capable of out scoring us - I am optimistic about promotion - the first time for many a year!!

Welcome to upside down world, where I am negative and Greek is positive LOL!

I hope you are right, but things have been going too well over the last 10 games. 40 years of being a Villa fan tell me to expect the worst! So I am preparing myself for disappointment, so if we lose I don't go crazy like some of the kids on Twitter and if we win I'll be euphoric HAHA!!

I still hate the play offs!

Well that was some game today........

Yes indeed what a game and fair play to the Leeds manager, probably the right result against a very tough team, if we both make the final it will be interesting to put it mildly.

Leeds revert to type. I'd bet Bielsa won't be there next season; fair play to him for trying to put things right. Thought we stood up to the Leeds battering pretty well. Wonder if they're going off the rails.

I'd expect a few changes against Norwich, a match which doesn't matter at all.

Fair play to their boss, I thought their scorer looked offside, but there we go.

Will the FA do the right thing and rescind the red card. I think they should ban Bamford an absolute disgrace.

I actually hope that Derby (if it is to be them) beat Leeds over 2 legs :-)



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