For my drinking ouzo to excess ??

another dead weekend ! Who is really interested in international foot ball ?

The championship is already congested without making it worse with dead weekends !

Do we at our level gain anything ? maybe worse for PL teams who are competing on several fronts

For Championship teams who play a lot more league games at start of season without cup games

than any other league in Europe - how fair is this to expect them to complete a season playing 3 games a week  to catch up ?

By all means play International football but not at the expense of the lower leagues & their supporters

who are expected to pay for 3 matches in a week !

If the overpaid internationals wish to represent their country then do it in your time  ie out of season

or give up your wages to your clubs supporters. 

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Ask her if she prefers you ouzo-saturated or ouzo-starved. Close-call, I'd have thought.

Don't know whether it's better to suffer yet another of Bruce's misguided team-setups or better to have a couple of week's relief from it.



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