Is this no longer a football forum? I mean something needs to be done, we need to get this place active! JA606 has simply taken over and something needs to be done! Thought I'd break the silence on this board, bit like a grave yard here

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We don't run it as a football forum Nolhman. If you want that then this probably isn't the place for you.

We're happy for people to comment on articles and make their own but we're not primarily a forum. We have tens of thousands of people visit daily to read stories, a forum isn't a main aim, not an aim at all to be honest.

The links to boards will soon be removed from the front page, but the boards will still be available. People are welcome to use the section if they want, it doesn't cost us anything - but it's not something we're actively chasing.


Oh okay, good to hear that you have diversified this website and are getting a lot of people reading articles  I will continue to read and browse this website of course! However, will need to relocate. Good luck with everything TCIR.. Will you ever join another forum again? You always made good articles! 



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